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Book report #72: Mark Verstegen & Pete Williams, Core Performance

A loan from my beloved workout partner ashacat, who was recommended it by her massage therapist, for the stability ball exercises.

This promises to be a revolutionary fitness program "to transform your body and your life." I'm not all that sure about that, and it's a little hard-sell and glassy-eyed about how wonderful it is, but it does have some fairly sensible information in it. Like the necessity of functional strength as opposed to heaving around weights, the importance of the core muscles, and so forth. The exercises do look fairly interesting and challenging, along the lines of yoga and/or pilates, and Mr. Verstegen is mostly sensible about diet (eat food, mostly vegetables, complex carbs, and lean protein, not too much of it).

Also, I like the emphasis on fun and play and recovery and functional exercise (the sort of things that fit your body out for the demands of living--building strength, flexibility, endurance, and resilience) and help it recuperate from doing stupid things like sitting at a desk for ten hours a day) rather than doing crunches and hitting the treadmill endlessly.

I think I need to go do some sun salutations now. *g*
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