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i've moved your mountains and marked your cards

five random things make a post....

1) via lizhand at theinferior4, Patti Smith at Minnesota Public Radio. (A brief interview and three songs.)

2) my editor tells me Undertow has gone back for a second printing already. Thanks, guys!

3) somebody I love very much is getting married soon, and that makes me very happy.

4) I wish I had written this sentence: "Billy, taller than the other two, bony at the joints like an adolescent wolf, looked down at the boy in the street." But it's coffeeem's, and so I am glad I got to read it. And the book that goes around it, which is (so far), worth the wait.

5) the meatpuppet wants brownies badly, even though it had a brownie earlier today. I have no idea from whence comes this ravening hunger, but it's going to have to wait.
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