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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

"Forget about genghis khan. Everybody makes a bad movie."

1x03/4, "Throne for a Loss" (9 April 1999)

In which Rygel is beloved nearly to death. PACIFIST JOHN! Oh, well, that won't last. Man, D'Argo's first-season makeup is cool. John saves D'Argo's life.... and D'Argo picks up untested enemy magic items and tries to use them in combat. And that's just the cold open.

Also in which D'Argo on Dexedrine is wayyyyyy to much fun, Aeryn ditches John to go be butch, and Zhaan'z sap has healing properties. Never go hand to hand with a Luxan unless you are also prepared to go hand to tongue.

I love the way this show handles the weird little worldbuilding bits, like D'Argo and Aeryn's conversation about the aftereffects of drugs, John's ineptitude, and weird holiday parades.

Speed freak delusions of invincibility are a freaky thing, man.

Maybe I should be tracking alien swear words....

I like the intertwining plots in this one, Zhaan and the buccaneer contrasted with Aeryn, John, and D'Argo learning each other's strenghts.

Farts: Hmm. Does Rygel's stomach grumbling count?
Bodily fluids: Zhaan's sap. D'Argo's blood. Um. Whatever surrounded the crystal before Rygel washed it off.
Random muppets: floating "Tabloid" death muppet. Rygels' cellmate, the Traal. Does the eyeless metal-headed guy count?
Worldbuilding weirdness: Hey, is this our first resurrection?
Deaths of named characters: Rygel. Briefly.
Moments of sheer joy:

Zhaan: "Am I the only species in creation that doesn't thrive on conflict?"
D'Argo: "All of you, shut up."
Rygel: "Blah blah blah"
D'Argo: "Shut up includes you."

That's right, D'Argo. Who's your daddy?

Oh, John trying to explain a tractor beam to Pilot. Love!

Zhaan: "Soft? Yes. Weak? No."

John: "Wile E. Coyote could come up with a better plan!" "

John: "When this is over, you and I are going to have a serious talk."
Aeryn: "When this is over, you and I will probably be dead."

"You ever looked at a mammal before?" Nekked Zhaan is love. And Virginia Hey is built like a brick shithouse. My word, those thighs.

John: "Nice blanket you got there."
D'Argo: "Lumpy blanket. Get her off."

Rygel: "You're gonna have to take me back as I am or disembowel me here."
John: "Don't tempt me, fluffy."

1x04/3, "Back and Back and Back to the Future" (2 April 1999)

In which John can see the future, and isn't Cassandra a sucky job?

Mmm. LOVE that shot of D'Argo tossing his tendrils while Aeryn comes up to him. They look so heroic. You ever notice how much the opening theme of first season sounds like Blondie's "One Way Or Another?"

Mivonks! I wonder what a mivonk is, exactly?

"What is the matter with him?"
"He is Crichton."

"Are we even compatible? I don't know!" Man, that line takes on all new layers of meaning in this context.

I love John when he's smart and on the ball. Gratuitous Vonnegut reference ("coming unstuck in time!"), Drink! Oh, wrong TV show.

"Open your ears or your tentacles or whatever orifice it is you listen with."

Moya's background noise is a plot point! 

Matala really should have been a Scaran.

I do so love butch Aeryn. And I love the way John gets through to D'Argo. This one doesn't actually have a lot of plot, but you can already see John slipping into MADNESS....

Farts: Well, Rygel belches a great deal....
Bodily fluids: Vomiting muppet!
Random muppets:
Worldbuilding weirdness:
Look! A hint of Luxan family/species loyalty! Um, how can you have a particle of a singularity? The black hole special effect is neat though.
Deaths of named characters: Matala, Verell

Ooo, Next up is "P.K. Tech Girl."


They did a good job with the alien profanity in that show; they managed to capture the very satisfying qualities of the Anglo-Saxon words that you can’t say on TV.

And Browder does a great job of portraying Crichton’s sliding scale of sanity. The more the Southern accent creeps in, the crazier he is...

"Frell" is by far the most convincing made-up swear word I know. I use it often.
It's very satisfying in its vowel construction. "Dren" is good, too.
Me, I use "Frak" to Gorram Mother-Ruttin' often.
It's true.
Fan girl. That's all I have to say. Fan girl.

Oh, and this is the pot calling the kettle black. I offer proof in this alternate reality of mine....
I've only seen a scattering of episodes throughout its history.

Annoyingly, the first season is not available currently on Netflix.
What? I like teh show. *g* When a bad episode comes along, I'll let you know...

"P.K. Tech Girl"!!! I loved that one... *sigh* I'm a fangirl and proud of it. :)
It is a good ep. Mmm. Farscape.
You've just inspired me to watch some old episodes! I know I've got a couple of DVDs from season 2 somewhere. *goes off to look*
I always assumed mivonks were some species' version of balls.
Well, obviously you use them for reproduction, but what do you *do* with them? And in a Luxan, do they resemble tentacles?
Carry around your spare change?

Given that the tentacles are so sensitive, they must; they must be at least the equivalent of nipples, even if they aren't directly reproductive.
I should probably not be thinking "Gee, I bet Luxans are fun in bed" right now.
Do you know just how close I came to posting that myself?

There has also been long and careful attention given to the advantages of a Time Lord who checks everything out with his tongue.
It's why it's so taboo. Once you go Luxan, you never go back.

Like all those homophobic guys who secretly want a nice big linebacker to carry them off and--
Aeryn tactfully overlooks why a certain pair of ripped fishnets is always in the back of John Crichton's top drawer.

"John, I'm with *Chiana* now."


Oh, you are terrible.

(You can't 'ship Farscape. They've done it for you.)