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i'd have one long stair going up and another even longer coming down

Wow, I overslept like an oversleeping thing today (Got up about two and a half hours after I usually do.) I should really weigh myself, package up these subs that need to go out (how I hate mailing subs), and then eat something with protein and fat in it before I go to the gym.

Then I can come home, shower, and watch Farscape until it's time to go have pizza with arcaedia.

I wonder if the post-novel ennui was late this year....

*sits in front of computer emitting a 60-cycle hum*

In lieu of content, katallen on how one sort of privilege can trump another. And coffeeandink on racism: you do not have the right to hail a cab.

How much you wanna bet that guy in Kat's story went home and told his wife, "That bitch, the police only listened to her because she knows somebody?"

And felt like it was unfair?
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