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bear by san

March 2017



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evile overbear

how can you live on the banks of the river when the floodwater pours from the mouth?

If it's wrong to be happy that really heinous striped socks a la the Seventies appear to be making a comeback, then baby, I don't want to be right.

These are so bad they might even suffice to make matching-by-thickness academic.

Yeah. They're even worse in person, and oh so comfortable....

I think I need to start wearing my jeans cuffed at the bottom to show them off!


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Do you already know about this site?


(Why yes, I am an evil enabler...)
Oh, and you must not have been shopping much, because the argyle renaissance has been in full force for at least a year, esp. among the junior high set.
Yeah. They're even worse in person, and oh so comfortable....

You're part of a proud two-thousand-year-old tradition!
Mad icon love!
Judging from what I see in the stores around here, for Finland the argyle renaissance is already revving up!

I love striped socks. Those... are some pretty amazing striped socks. The stripe pattern makes me wince a little--which can only be a good thing.

Yeah, if they don't hurt, they're not stripy enough.... that's my motto.
I have tie-dyed socks, which I occasionally wear with my Birkenstocks on a cold day.

Totally OT...

but as a fan of both cephalopods and Lovecraft, can I swipe that icon, with due credit of course?
I'm pretty certain my wife would like a couple dozen pair of these. Okay, perhaps that's a bit much.
I love those!
Smartwool socks are not like other socks.

They actually dry your feet off.
There is NOTHING wrong about stripy socks. They are AWESOME.

(Stripy tights are great, too. I have a fabulous pair from Sock Dreams.)
Some of us who've caught the knitting bug can even make our own uber-geeky striped socks - using, for instance, the Fibonacci Sequence.
Love em! Thanks!

BTW - this gives me the opportunity to say I loved the book _Hammered_ which I recently read, and promptly ordered the other two in the set.
Thank you! That about made my day--
i blame genetics.
You would prolly be right.
d00d. smoemeth so needs those!
I was just gonna say. *covet*

My motto is, "life's too short to wear boring socks".
The pony thanks you!


I do own some toe socks, but they're icky with boots...
Smartwool is not like other wool...

But yeah. I love me some socks.

Belated cuteness alert

I just can't believe that you're wearing wool socks in August.

And totally off topic (again):

I meant to mention this before, but got distracted.

Your profile says you like Great Danes. Have you seen this?

Re: Belated cuteness alert

They're smartwool. It's different.

I used to have a Dane...
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