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"Cook? Never! Raw."

Cleverly, I have managed to not be able to see 1x07: "I, ET." So. We are skipping directly to 1x08: "That Old Black Magic"

1x08, "That Old Black Magic" (11 June 1999)

In which John isn't too enthused by the idea of space prairie oysters, even if they come from the other end of the animal, and even less enthused by soothsayers, but Zhaan is quite enthused by aphrodisiac-peddlars.

"You can smell Crichton in all of this?"
"Yes. His odor is even stronger than yours."
"I don't have an odor!"

Space Vap-O-Rub! Yay!

Zhaan getting in touch with her inner sociopath is a thing of great beauty. Although, amd I wrong in thinking fallen-priest-boy is a little whoooooooo?

"My species is soooo primitive..."

I had forgotten they started humanizing Crais this far back in the first season.

"Then what can hurt him?"
"I can."

"I suppose I would choose the lesser evil." Are we sure that Zhaan is the lesser evil?

Oh, look, the tasty raw muppet was a thematic statement...

Zhaan, you weren't the only one who enjoyed hurting Rigel. 

"Not our hallowed realm. That's for Hinerians. Go find your own hallowed realm."

"Then you're done talking, John?!"
"Yeah. All done."

Yup. Or, after a fashion, only just begun.  John in a murderous rage is really quite terrifying. First glimpse of the John That Will Be, and man, he's a badass.

Aeryn's idea of a compliment is not so much Zhaan's. You know, I really like this episode a lot.

Bodily fluids: Hinerian phlegm, human blood
Random muppets:  The trelcan (sp?). "Don't get it, though. Too few heads."
Worldbuilding weirdness: MAGIC! This is only an SF show when it suits us.... Also, Crais's dark past. The Crais family bear a striking resemblance to one another.... and Zhaan's dark past too
Deaths of named characters: Maldis, Liko, Lt. Teeg (Alas!)

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