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5 random things make a post

1) stillsostrange and I made it to Toronto, through storm, lightning, killer truckers, restaurant delays, and suspicious border guards. The Canadians may be on the lookout for two redheaded desperadas travelling together.

They didn't *actually* take the truck apart, thankfully. But we did have to go inside and wait on the Group W bench. Apparently, we are Suspicious Characters Of No Visible Means of Support. ("We're writers!")

2) Publisher's Weekly review of A Companion to Wolves:

They not only got it, they liked it. See?

A Companion to Wolves
Sarah Monette and
Elizabeth Bear. Tor, $24.95 (304p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1816-9

Rising fantasy stars Monette (Mélusine) and Bear (Whiskey & Water) subvert the telepathic animal companion subgenre so thoroughly that it may never be the same. The inhabitants of a cold and perilous world grounded in Norse/Germanic mythology depend upon the brutally violent wolfcarls, men who bond telepathically with huge fighting trellwolves, to protect them from monstrous trolls and wyverns from further north. When the northern threat suddenly intensifies, Isolfr, a young wolfcarl, and his wolf-sister, Viradechtis, a Queen wolf destined to rule her own pack, are thrust into key roles in their civilization's desperate fight to survive. The meticulously crafted setting and powerful, often moving rendition of characters and relationships—human and nonhuman alike—result in a brutal and beautiful novel about the meaning of honor. Never blushing as they consider the ultimate sociological, sexual and moral underpinnings of a "what-if" often treated as coy wish-fulfillment fantasy, the authors have boldly created a fascinating world that begs further exploration. (Oct.)

3) Apparently, my ability to predict roughly what Ed Bernero is going to do in any exigent circumstance remains intact. The withheld season 2 episode of Criminal Minds, "Doubt," which became a double-problem-child when Mandy Patinkin became a no-call no-show for S3, will be the first episode aired in said S3. Apparently, Gideon will officially take leave of the series in episode 3x01, which will air a week after the premier. He's being replaced by Joe Mantegna (yay for pleasing casting choices!), who reputedly will join the cast in 3x05. Whether that's 3x05 as aired or 3x05 as shot, the continuity elves only know, but given the production schedule, I suspect 3x05 as shot, 3x06 as aired. ARE YOU WITH ME SO FAR?)

It was either that, or do another framework flashback ep, and they already used that trick when they restructured the pilot into two eps (1x02) and for the X-Files shoutout ep (2x13).

It seems to me that the logical conclusion to the Gideon plotline is for SSA Gideon to swallow his service pistol, in the time-honored tradition of disillusioned cops everywhere. But I am not entirely sure they're gonna go that way. (not spoiler-tagged because it is speculation.)

The promo for Doubt is here:

4) Undertow went back for a second printing, and the New Amsterdam hardcover is no longer available through Amazon. But never fear, there will be a trade release in 2008, if you still want a copy.

5) I'll be signing books and maybe reading something at Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto this afternoon around 3:30-4ish. There will be cooooookies. If you're in the neighborhood, come see me.
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