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you will make a secret journey. you will meet a holy man.

Toronto: Survived. If you notice that there seems to be less of it, that's because we ate a significant portion. Somehow, my jeans still fit. It must have been the Bataan Death-March of Eaton Center Shopping.

O mah feets. But I now have a fall/winter wardrobe, which I did not have before.

The signing seems to have gone well. I read the same story I read in NYC and made different mistakes. Torontonians take longer to believe it's okay to laugh at the funny bits than New Yorkers do. *g*

And I came home to the entirely pleasant news that Asimov's is buying the Shoggoth story, which I guess needs a real name now. And I need to write some more short stories.

In other news, the heat broke. And I don't have to go anywhere overnight again until Viable Paradise. Thank dog.
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