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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek fucking silence

don't let us get sick. don't let us get old.

stwish, through the offices of the Recovering Hippie Underground Railroad, has sent north (1) one banjo as my official early 36th birthday present. Somebody tell skzbrust.

Apparently the theory is that I will be less terrifying with a banjo than with a guitar? I'm really not too sure about this. (leahbobet and stillsostrange can now vouch for what a lousy guitar player I am.)

In any case, I have to leave in an hour to retrieve the alleged musical instrument from an old family friend, who will no doubt have many embarrassing stories of when I was in diapers.

But I did write 1006 words today, and it's only another 59.8 miles to Rivendell.

In other news, the latest installation of Bears Examining is up for the fall issue of Subterranean. And you can play the virtual glass armonica here, if you hate your cats. And I got my contributor's copy of the latest issue of Fictitious Force and also my copy of YBSF # whatever it is. Wooo!

For stillsostrange, Jill Sobule covers "Don't Let Us Get Sick," which I can't remember if I got through coffeeem or hernewshoes.


Oh sweet Jesus. Oh sweet Jesus my God.

Why don't I have a "cowering in banjo fear" icon? WHY???
When you make one, can I borrow it?
The Warren Zevon tribute album Enjoy Every Sandwich is great; that track and the Wallflowers' cover of "Lawyers, Guns and why didn't you use the serial comma, Warren? Money" are probably my favorites from it.

Adam Sandler's "Werewolves of London" isn't nearly as bad as I would have expected.
Lurking sporadically at the moment, but had to say that this line, this line is gorgeous: through the offices of the Recovering Hippie Underground Railroad

Any chance of immortalising it in a short story?
It will stay in print longer on the internets. ;-)
The Armonica makes me want to break out some recorder music... if I knew where it was..
You know, nothing will clear a room faster than someone calling out, "Banjo solo!"

Except maybe Accordion solo. Or Bass solo.
Why thank you. ;-)

Hey, is that the girl detective?
I actually really like banjo, but you know, I haven't even mastered guitar to garage-band levels of proficiency yet. So I am uncertain of the wisdom of taking up a second instrument just now.

Now, my father, who is a freaky sort of musical genius, seems to find this sort of thing easy. But for me, it's grim determination, Jim....

Well, neither am I....
as my official early 36th birthday present.

(Well - that answers that, now (from the previous "Firesign" sub-thread...).)

Steve Martin notes that it's impossible to play the banjo and not smile.
*g* 36 in 30 days. It works out nicely....
Huh, odd coincidence. I was just thinking about my great-grandmother, who was already a senile 80-something-year-old when I was a child barely old enough to remember her.

At some point, someone must have told her that I was a guitar prodigy, because every time we went to the old folks' home to visit her, she'd ask me the same question: "So, how's that banjo playin' comin'?"

To this day, I've wanted to own a banjo, but I've never gotten around to it. So, for you, I have Banjo Envy.
Sweet! So, what kind of banjo are you getting? I play my grandad's old plectrum banjo (four strings, long neck, tuned like a fiddle). He used to play DixieLand Jazz on it, a tradition which I endeavor to follow but do like trying out a little ACDC now and then...I should make a banjo icon to go with my piano.

Have fun!
It says "Made in china" on the neck. *g*
Aha! So you're saying it's actually a sanxian! *g*
I'm a little disappointed because I'm an evil person who enjoys experimenting on my cat (though I'm learning a little prudence because one of the experiments I did gave her Ideas and now if she wants my attention she knows she only has to stand on the back of the armchair and look as if she might jump on top of my precariously balanced DVD player) but, although she was sitting on my lap between me and my laptop, she barely looked up at the sound of the armonica, and the only annoyance she exhibited was when, as I clicked on the glasses, I failed to take sufficient care of all her excess fur that (as per usual) overlapped the trackpad button.

Now she's shifted so her fur is off the button but her tail is on it, and she's very comfortable indeed, so I don't know when I'm going to be allowed up to make myself dinner.

<carefully avoids tail to click 'post comment'>
Your cat has you whipped.

Just saying.
Billy Connolly is bad at guitar, brilliant at banjo.

Just thought I'd mention that, so you know the kind of company you're in ;-)