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don't let us get sick. don't let us get old.

stwish, through the offices of the Recovering Hippie Underground Railroad, has sent north (1) one banjo as my official early 36th birthday present. Somebody tell skzbrust.

Apparently the theory is that I will be less terrifying with a banjo than with a guitar? I'm really not too sure about this. (leahbobet and stillsostrange can now vouch for what a lousy guitar player I am.)

In any case, I have to leave in an hour to retrieve the alleged musical instrument from an old family friend, who will no doubt have many embarrassing stories of when I was in diapers.

But I did write 1006 words today, and it's only another 59.8 miles to Rivendell.

In other news, the latest installation of Bears Examining is up for the fall issue of Subterranean. And you can play the virtual glass armonica here, if you hate your cats. And I got my contributor's copy of the latest issue of Fictitious Force and also my copy of YBSF # whatever it is. Wooo!

For stillsostrange, Jill Sobule covers "Don't Let Us Get Sick," which I can't remember if I got through coffeeem or hernewshoes.
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