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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape pilot

I'm new to all this escaped prisoner crap, all right?

Backtracking slightly, it is now time for the notorious and much feared:

1x07 (aka 1x02), "I, ET" (7 May 1999)
1x09, "DNA Mad Scientist" (18 June 1999)
1x10, "They've Got A Secret" (25 June 1999)

1x07 (aka 1x02), "I, ET" (7 May 1999)

In which D'Argo is a bit too big to crawl down the rabbit hole.

I love how everybody has to poke their head in the hole and look, even though they have no idea what they are seeing, and none of them will just describe it. John's crackpot plan is truly crackpot.

"It's a saying."

This show is about as subtle with the John/Aeryn shipping as your average semiliterate fanfic.

"Aquatic! That's water! Not mud!"
"Guy knows mud."

This episode, we have no plot, so we will fill out the time with angst and plot coupons.

"Kind of like Louisiana. Or Dagoba."

Yes, John, the thing with lights is a swamp runner. Alien rednecks! How does it feel to be on the other side of the plot of a Howard Waldrop story?

Zhaan, the muppet is lying to you.

"WHO GOES THERE?" *dies*

"You're an alien? And I'm talking to you? In my kitchen?"

John has seen this movie.

"This is an awfully big ship."
"Don't I know it."
Zhaan: often imitated, never equalled.

John has seen this movie too.

Aww, the nobility of John Chrichton. "I won't go without him."

I do wonder how these aliens are understanding Our Team without translator microbes. LA LA LA LA LA LA....

Bodily fluids: potentially, melted brain; Aeryn's blood, Hinerian sweat
Random muppets: 
Worldbuilding weirdness: Luxan self-circumcision. Obsidian tools would be better. Also, in this case, salting the wounds is a good thing.
Deaths of named characters:

1x09, "DNA Mad Scientist" (18 June 1999)

In which a poke in the eye is not necessarily better than a sharp stick.

I love how big this setting is, and how it's completely possible to get absolutely lost in it. I mean, lost in the wilderness lost, not merely misplaced.

That is so cool.

Yes, it really will cost you an arm and a leg--

Poor John. It's hard being a new species.

"I consider it a perfectly equitable arrangement." And John has another moment of shit, these are aliens.

You know, I wish they had done more with the development of Aeryn having Pilot's DNA. It makes me sad and frustrated that that got dropped after a couple of eps.

Oh, if only this show had long-term continuity.

"It is not a weapon."

Bodily fluids: Vitreous humor, Pilot ichor, Sebacean sweat
Random muppets:  Malformed critters chained keening to walls
Worldbuilding weirdness: more hints of polyspermia! Ponyboy fetish mad scientist!
Deaths of named characters: Nam Tar

1x10, "They've Got A Secret" (25 June 1999)

In which the crew has not yet turned John in to Crais, despite the fact that it would make their lives much easier, and D'Argo is extremely hasty about pulling wires.

In fairness, I would have done the same thing.

And not survived the spacing part of the experience nearly as well....

Pilot parenting D'Argo is love.

"All right, all right, we enslave them." John, you do so well with the culture shock.

D'Argo in the throes of romantic hallucinations is goofiness personified.

"But you say that you want to go back to this Earth, a place you tell me has so much disease and suffering."
"Well. You guys don't have chocolate."

More Black & Decker space lamps!

Oh, poor D'Argo. As the show self-slashes again.... this subplot is so sad. And we tackle the topic of honor killings....

"What do you see?"
"Then you're close."

Aiieee. Starship lobotomy. It's amazing howfast one gets fond of Moya, who, after all, has no lines.

Bodily fluids: DRD spit
Random muppets:  THOUSANDS OF KILLER DRDs!!!!
Worldbuilding weirdness: D'Argo backstory hintage.
Deaths of named characters: D'Argo, briefly. Do the backstory deaths count?


You know, I wish they had done more with the development of Aeryn having Pilot's DNA.

I don't normally recommend this stuff, but...someone did it in fic, and it's actually pretty good. Drags a little in the middle, but still worth a read fo the way she spu n the idea out. In the Company of Ghosts
You know, when the canon has failed in some significant way, fic just doesn't do it for me as a patch. Because I, too, can go "Oh, I wish you hadn't fucked this up, guys," just as well as the next fan, but it doesn't change the fact that the canon dropped a ball.
Hmmm. I'm not sure if you're still on the discovery run, or if this is a re-watch, so...if it helps, the issue does get revisited a few times, although sadly not as well developed as you might be hoping. Urm - was that unspoilery enough? :)

Anyway, just wanted to pop up and say I'm enjoying these as I'm an old fan of the show and it's always fun to see someone give commentary ep by ep...returning to my customary lurkermode now.
I've watched them before. *g* But thank you!
Ah, Max, we miss you still. Come back! I loved Captain Sun something awful.

To be fair, the show put a lot of balls spinning into the air, and while I wish Aeryn's special relationship with Pilot got more mileage, I did like what we got.
I hope you're going to do the entire series... Now *that* would be cool! ;)

And then you could maybe move onto Babylon 5. *sigh* I miss that other John (Sheridan).
Alas, I hate Bab5 with the fire of a thousand suns, so it's unlikely.

Alas, indeed! ;) I loved B5 seasons 2 and 3... Maybe I'll re-watch those too!
Summed across the series, Moya is the character for whom I felt the worse the most.
Yah. Me too.