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once that you've decided on a killing, first you make a stone of your heart

Kate Elliott on the trope of the disposable woman. 

Now she's got me trying to figure out how to write a murder mystery without snuffing somebody off the top. (Somebody dies early on in several of my books and stories, and in each case the murder drives the plot. I think the current death toll for that purpose is two women (one we never see), one man.)

(On thing I love is when I get email from people saying "I knew you were gonna kill X character from page one!" and I'm like, huh, interesting, I didn't. Of the W&W deaths, one character I loved got killed because the bad guys had no reason to keep sie alive, and another one died because I had four potential victims in a scene and well, I rolled a die [pun intended]. I was gonna kill the other guy. No, the tall one. Go figure. Whossname was honestly doomed from the start, however)

*contemplates icon*

Yeah, nobody's safe around here. It's a lot like life. I do solemnly swear, however, that there will be no random logging trucks. But I already know I'm getting hate mail for PA 6 and it's not even written yet.
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