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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

i've been thinking about our fortune and i've decided that we're really not to blame

There was more car trouble today. Eunice is back in the shop, and I'm wondering if this is it. Of course, for cash flow reasons, this is the least convenient time to need to buy a new car...

Further news as it breaks. Now I'm going to go drink a beer, eat some carambola, and get my words for today...


Well, it died at 63 in the left lane of I-91 southbound, but I managed to roll across four lanes of traffic to the breakdown lane and get it parked before I became a hood ornament....

There were no pyrotechnics, so it could just be a belt or the fuel line.
Alas, poor Eunice! Having gone through the same thing in the spring, I feel your pain. I hope she can be duct-taped together until the next big check comes in.
I have four more delivery checks coming this year. And I'm waiting on three foreign rights checks.

I just have to hold out until then.


Oh, and I might be trying to buy a house this fall.

Stupid truck. I know she just turned 18, but she has under 130K on her. Also, she could have held out until *after* my massage therapy appointment. Dammit.
Sounds like home.

Mine had the courtesy to die the death right about when my German publisher for three books in one swell foop. It did set the budget back a fair bit, but I sure have been glad to have a reliable set of wheels. (Not to mention the haulage capacity--a definite asset for a farm.)

Ooo, a house! Are you worried at all about the mortgage-broker crashes? One of the big ones has hit Tucson like a ton of bricks.

I have money in the pipeline. It's just the summer dry spell right now.

Hee. Well, it wasn't that traumatic. It was over before I had time to get scared. Unlike the Alternator Incident, which had PLENTY of TIME FOR SCARED.

Yeah. There is. Most of 'em is named Letourneau. Though I also know a Ladegard and a Couture who have family in that area.
More than a hint. I forget what the percentage is, but Maine has a Lot of Canuckians. It's one of the largest ethnic groups in the state. Half the churches in Lewiston-Auburn when I grew up there were French. We had plenty of Letourneaus. Desjardins, too. Fecteaus, St. Hilaires, Boutins...

My grandmother was a Bisson. Sometimes I wonder if I'm related to Terry somehow.

(I'm from Maine, ayuh.)
Heh -- funny, I was just about to post the exact same thing. Shocking. ;)
Wow that's terrible. At least no pyrotechnics. I've had that happen, truck burst into flames as I was driving.

I hope its an easy repair.

Yeah, no boom. Thankfully.
I'm sorry. There's never really a good time to buy a new car, at least not for most of us poor schlubs. Here's hoping Eunice hasn't gone to the great scrap heap in the sky yet.

Enjoy your beer. {{hugs}}
At least it's a really GOOD beer.
Oooh. I must see if I can find that locally. That sounds amazing. (My current favorite is Left Hand Milk Stout.)

I thank you, and the Little Red Truck thanks you.
I might get lucky.

If not, I'm on a bus route. It'll do until I can get some books delivered....

I think this is a Bad Week For Cars.

-The library janitor's car caught on fire last night.

-On Tuesday, my 7-year-old minivan, totally not worth stealing for any reason whatsoever, was stolen solely in order to put a motorcycle inside it. (And the AC is broken, so I hope the thieves roasted.)

Cosmic punishment for global warming, or just infuriating coincidence?
I'm hoping it's fuel.

There were no parts on the road, it didn't do anything violent--it just stopped pulling--and I just had the engine checked out recently.
Yeah, I've had some experience with vehicles breaking a timing belt or serpentine, and it was also very much like that.

Which shouldn't be a big deal on an 18-year-old truck engine. I hope.
I hope that Eunice can hang on for a little longer.

Stubborn it out, old girl!

I kind of had the idea of getting her to twenty.
Yikes! This is the summer we did the nerw clutch and the new alternator.

But IU'm just 100,000 on this one, so there you are.

Good luck with Eunice's confinement, and may it be a small bill, with no associated complications.