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baby i don't need your cash. mama got it all in hand.

So it appears that I am going to have to write a Wrong Draft of King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree first, and then try to make it a Right Draft later.

Wait. Let me 'splain.

See, this thing that I am writing currently is a very straightforward narrative, with a bit of a mystery and an investigative plotline. It's kind of like, oh, "The Deep Blue Sea." Only with a mystery. But the problem is, I suspect thematically that what I need as a structure for this story is something much more like Memento or "L'esprit d'escalier." Because the structure should support the theme, as well as the narrative and characterization supporting the theme, and one of the themes of this thing is the fallibility of memory, conflation and construction and suppression thereof.

And apparently, I have to write a draft in which the story just happens, first, so I can figure out how to make it the story that will support that narrative.

Jesus, brain. A little help here!


Dear Bear,

You May Not Have an Evil Ringmaster.

Love, Bear.
Tags: promethean age, short fiction, the writer at work

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