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Hard fought.


I roll over out of the bunk, hit the floor palms flat, and start my pushups. Endorphins. Good thing. One, two, three, four, nose dipping down to almost touch that porthole, nothing out there now but the trackless dark--

--the trick is not using the prosthesis. It's too strong. Fortunately, in partial gravity, one-handed pushups aren't as hard as they are planetside. Get the blood moving, endorphins from exercise. Good morning, Richard. Any progress?

"Yes," he says. "And it's complicated in here."


I'm at 40 pages manuscript in the draft. At this rate, manuscript by May. Plug, plug, plugging away.....

It's not going the way I expected. Of course. I may wind up compressing the plot for Scardown and the one I intended for Wetwired into one book. Go me! Go plot!

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