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hey tony, what's so good about dying? he said I think I might do a little dying today.

Sigh. This damned story is determined to be a novelette at least. And the pacing is stately like a stately thing.

I think the novelette is attempting to be lingering and elegaic in feel. Or, as we say in the trade, "dull as ditchwater."

That's probably unfair. I am really bored with it, but that happens a lot, and some of the stories that most thoroughly bored me to tears when I was writing them have done amazing well out in the world. "And the Deep Blue Sea," for example, which I wrote wincing at every word. And Undertow, which bored me to gnawing my own wrists when I was writing it.

I dunno, maybe I'm just jaded.

Still, another 1100 words and change tonight, despite being out all day.

Tomorrow is slated a writing day, and thank dog, I am out of social commitments for a while. Because seriously, I am reaching the point of never wanting to see a human being again.

Possibly not even the cat.

This is a sign that it's time for some hardcore introversion, I think.
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