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john dillinger is alive and well and living in--

You know, it's true. People really do tend to assume that everybody else is up to exactly the same things they are. Or wish they were.

Just another reason not to trust the nasty-minded, I suppose.

Oh, in all the excitement, I almost forgot--the web page for the Wastelands anthology is live.

I had an interesting walk to the pastal orifice this morning. Which is to say, the area all around the green of the town I live in is under construction (New England: we have four seasons. Winter, Mud Season, Roadwork, and October. It's high Roadwork now.) so walking the two miles there and back involves a little bit of dodge-the-backhoe.

Anyway, as I was waiting for the light, so I could cross Main Street about two blocks south of the green, I was watching a couple of backhoes digging on kittycorner opposites of the intersection I needed to cross, and plotting my route around them. There was a police officer observing the construction, as police officers are wont to do, but the intersection didn't really need him, so he wasn't directing traffic.

Anyway, as I'm watching, I see him perk up suddenly, and start directing the construction crews out of the intersection. Then he runs across the intersection diagonally, stopping traffic as he does, and calls to me to get way back.

Well, my first thought is the natural: Oh oh, gas main. So, like a sensible person, I withdraw a half block and start angling to get the nearest large structure between me and the intersection. I happen to notice at this point that there's an unmarked police sedan coming along the side street at a pretty good clip, lights but no sirens. I turn to check over my shoulder, because now I hear sirens from Main Street--

--just in time to not quite see the lead vehicle that burns through the intersection at about fifty, trailed by four police cars.

Which I did see.

Apparently, a high-speed chase just came through the center of my town. I don't know if they ever stopped him or not, or what they were chasing him for, but I spoke with a woman who saw the action at the other end of the green. She said they laid tire spikes across the road at that end of the block, but the suspect successfully evaded them. She also said she saw an officer on foot with what she described as a "machine gun."

I wonder what the issue semi-automatic is, around here.

Anyway, I counted eight more police cars on my way home, and several polite and helpful cops.

At least I got my exercise for the day...

You know, this is much less exciting than it would have been before I lived in Vegas.
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