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five random things make a post.

1) >24 hours later, I am up to June of this year in the Great Email Download of 2007!

2) coffeeem, in the context of an email exchange about music that makes you never want to leave the city again, lest you run into one of the folks in those songs, says: "the evil triumverate... Zevon, Waits, and Cave, Attorneys in Hell." And I thought posterity needed to see that.

3) I need to take archery lessons so I can get a consistent stance. Because when I find the right stance, I shoot rather well. It's just, you know, hitting it. Also, that panic attack seems to have cleared up, finally. Thank god.

4) Jeremy? Is not part of the problem. I would like to point out that Night Shade publishes scads of women, publishes them well, and treats them with respect. If there were a Lois Bujold story in that book, you bet she would have the front cover.

Sometimes, people actually do get listed in order of how much they sell, and thus, how many readers they will draw to the book.

(I am reminded of a recent conversation with some other writers wherein we were discussing the difficulty in deciding who to snuff dramatically when you only have one straight white male out of a group of ten characters, and you need him later, so either a gay character or a character of color, or both, has to get it.... Ahhh, the drawbacks of political correctness... We can't kill the token white guy! Oh noes!)

5) Pond Size Error: Abort/Retry/Splish?
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