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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor FANtastic!

DUDE! tim_pratt WON A HUGO! And so did ianmcdonald!

And so did pnh. naominovik won a not-a-Hugo.

Here's the list, via Making Light:

Best Novel: Vernor Vinge, Rainbow’s End (Tor)
Best Novella: Robert Reed, “A Billion Eves” (Asimov’s)
Best Novelete: ianmcdonald, “The Djinn’s Wife” (Asimov’s)
Best Short Story: tim_pratt, “Impossible Dreams” (Asimov’s)
Best Related Book: Julie Phillips, James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon (St. Martin’s)
Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): Pan’s Labyrinth (Picturehouse)
Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): “Girl in the Fireplace” (Doctor Who)
Best Professional Editor (Long Form): pnh (Tor)
Best Professional Editor (Short Form): Gordon Van Gelder (F&SF)
Best Professional Artist: Donato Giancola
Best Locus: Locus, ed. Charles N. Brown (I kept Teresa's amendation to the award title, here.)
Best Fanzine: Science-Fiction Five-Yearly, ed. Lee Hoffman, Geri Sullivan, and Randy Byers
Best Fan Writer: Dave Langford
Best Fan Artist: frankwu
John W Campbell Best New Writer Award: naominovik (I needed a Campbell quadruple-award this year to be sufficiently pleased by who won, alas...)

Congratulations, everybody!


This is Vernor's third novel running to win a Hugo.

(Weeps quietly into his beer: I saw the voting breakdown and I came second.)

I was rooting for Peter, I'm afraid. Just on principles of guy-who-doesn't-have-one.

Actually, the voting list didn't offer a lot of surprises, did it?
The big surprise is that Scalzi nearly beat Langford -- he missed by a single vote!

Vernor is to novels as Ted Chiang is to short stories, i.e. if he has one out in any given year, everyone else in the category is roadkill (but luckily for us, he's not prolific).

I can't comment on the short fiction (I haven't read any of it), but I'm not surprised by Naomi getting the Campbell: I think the multi-book element probably helped and I suspect a bunch of folks probably voted her the Campbell because they felt bad about putting her third or fourth on the Novel ballot.

Doctor Who 0wnZ0red the dramatic presentation (short form), of course.

I'm a bit startled that PNH won the editor (long form) award given that Jim Baen was on the ballot and won't be around next year -- that sort of thing often sways voter sentiment -- but maybe it suggests the Baen niche is smaller than I think.

As for Vernor, feorag reminded me of what I said when I finished reading the ARC that David Hartwell sent me for comment: "shit, there goes my chance of a Hugo for Glasshouse".
*g* I just assume I'm not even on the ballot.

So far, I'm always right! Except that one time--
The September Locus Magazine lists Undertow and Whiskey and Water in its New & Notable section. *happy dance*

I saw! *g*

Thank you!
I completely expected that Scalzi would have beaten Langford this year, but I suspect that the conservatism of the voting block gave Langford another win.

And, too, yes, I thought Baen would win on sentimental reasons. I wonder where he placed in the final count.
Jim Baen lost out to PNH ... by two votes.
Vernor is to novels as Ted Chiang is to short stories, i.e. if he has one out in any given year, everyone else in the category is roadkill

Unless you're Connie Willis and can pull out a tie.
Yahoo! My favorite Doctor Who episode (for that season) won!
Yeah, baby! Mine too! :)
I knew there was some reason I kept that bottle of Veuve Cliquot at the back of the fridge. Congrats to all, commiserations to the gallant losers, and thanks!
We are awful proud. ;-)
It has been a good morning.

I didn't think there were that many surprises, either (apart from my win, which shocks me so much I'm still half convinced its a widely-repeated typo). I thought Scalzi had a real shot at the fan writer category, and for it to be *that* close... makes me wish I'd bought a supporting membership and voted this year. It's a reminder of how little it can take to sway something like this.

Congratulations to those who won (and of course condolences to those who didn't).
Well, I'm durned proud of you.
What if Scalzi votes for you next time?