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madder rose

My back is really killing me, so I am coveting rosebushes. I have this mad plan of putting together a literary rosegarden someday...

[22:35] matociquala: I am coveting rosebushes
[22:35] matociquala: *covets*
[22:35] katallen: ::grins::
[22:35] matociquala: It would be a positive thing about homeownership.
[22:35] katallen: I totally understand the whole rose garden thing
[22:36] matociquala: I actually have a terrible painful conceit in mind.
[22:36] matociquala: I want to do a literary rose garden.
[22:37] matociquala: So, roses Karen Blixen, and Mark Twain, and Christopher Marlowe, and William Shakespeare...
[22:37] katallen: neat way to pick
[22:37] matociquala: and Faust and the Alchemist
[22:37] matociquala: This is Karen Blixen:
[22:37] matociquala:
[22:38] katallen: pretty
[22:38] matociquala: It's a tacky idea, but I'm utterly in love with it. *g*
[22:38] katallen: heh
[22:39] katallen: ::hopes some of them are scented ones::
[22:39] beatriceeagle: Mm, scented roses.
[22:39] matociquala: *g*
[22:39] matociquala: inded.
[22:39] beatriceeagle: I have a Thing for roses.
[22:39] matociquala: If none of them are, I will find some shrub roses or ramblers
[22:40] matociquala: This one is Kit's.
[22:40] matociquala:
[22:42] matociquala: The best bit is, Robbie Burns is a...
[22:42] matociquala:
[22:42] matociquala: ...white rose.
[22:42] matociquala: ;-)
[22:43] matociquala: Will gets two:
[22:43] matociquala:
[22:43] matociquala:
[22:43] beatriceeagle: Ooh, I like the second one.
[22:43] matociquala: Some other contenders:
[22:43] matociquala:
[22:44] matociquala: That's also known as Anne Hathaway
[22:44] matociquala: I think it may be the best of the lot.
[22:45] matociquala:
[22:45] matociquala: The problem is, so many of them are pink, and pink roses are not my favorite
[22:45] katallen: clearly writers are pinkos :)
[22:45] matociquala: Hee
[22:45] beatriceeagle: XD
[22:45] matociquala: Spenser's is supposed to be strongly scented
[22:45] matociquala:
[22:46] matociquala: Chaucer's is nice:
[22:46] matociquala:
[22:46] beatriceeagle: Okay, you've sent my mind spinning into a place where roses have personalities and interact with CM cast members. Thank you.
[22:47] matociquala: "John Keats" is supposed to be highly disease resistant.
[22:47] beatriceeagle: Also, that rose looks fluffy. I like it.
[22:47] matociquala:
[22:47] katallen: oh yes
[22:47] matociquala: Am I meant to find that cruelly ironic?
[22:47] katallen: heee
[22:47] matociquala: And I have to say, much as he annoys me--
[22:47] katallen: probably reassuring (you don't want it turning it's toes up just as it's really flowering)
[22:47] matociquala: I would plant George's rose just for the looks...
[22:47] matociquala:
[22:47] matociquala: (LOL)
[22:47] matociquala: Kat wins the internets
[22:48] beatriceeagle: XD
[22:48] katallen: okay, Spenser will clash badly with Marlowe
[22:48] matociquala: Hee
[22:48] matociquala: We'll put George in between...
[22:48] matociquala: Or maybe Karen.
[22:49] katallen: that should help
[22:49] matociquala: One of these guys should have a *red* rose.
[22:49] matociquala: it should be Robbie!
[22:49] matociquala: This is Ben's:
[22:49] matociquala:
[22:50] katallen: yes, someone has to have named one of those red velvet roses after a writer
[22:50] matociquala: Lucifer is supposed to be orange-red, and so is Mark Twain
[22:50] matociquala: But they're both old roses, and really hard to find
[22:51] katallen: ::says nothing about hunting them down and grabbing cuttings::
[22:51] matociquala: Oh, look at this lovely tatterdemalion:
[22:51] matociquala:
[22:51] katallen: roses - by any means necessary!
[22:52] matociquala: There's also an old rose Faust that's supposed to be red.
[22:52] beatriceeagle: I'm drooling over that rose. It is pretty.
[22:52] matociquala: I like the color-changers.
[22:52] beatriceeagle: Uh-huh. Plus, purple and yellow are awesome together.
[22:53] matociquala:
[22:53] katallen: that is pretty stunning
[22:53] matociquala: Not actually named after her, but...
[22:54] katallen: we had one that colour at the previous house
[22:54] katallen: (here we only have a 'mills and boon' in a big pot)
[22:55] beatriceeagle: We have no roses.
[22:55] katallen: (that's a nice red ::grins:: )
[22:55] beatriceeagle: I had a little one for a while, but I went away to camp and nobody watered it.
[22:55] katallen: eeep
[22:55] matociquala: Ooo, this is sweet.
[22:55] matociquala:
[22:55] matociquala: Oh, I found a yellow
[22:55] matociquala:
[22:56] matociquala: AH!
[22:56] matociquala: SCORE!
[22:56] matociquala:
[22:57] katallen: oh lush
[22:57] beatriceeagle: Ooh.
[22:57] matociquala:
[22:57] matociquala: no photos, alas
[22:58] matociquala: But this is nice...
[22:58] matociquala:
[22:58] matociquala:
[22:59] beatriceeagle: That was your twentieth rose link.
[22:59] matociquala: Hee
[22:59] katallen: ooo she climbs and she bushes
[22:59] matociquala: No photo of this one...
[23:00] matociquala:
[23:00] beatriceeagle: Also, the second Agatha Christie is pretty.
[23:00] matociquala: But!
[23:00] matociquala: Another red!
[23:00] matociquala: Victor Hugo #2 is a winner
[23:00] matociquala:
[23:00] beatriceeagle: Oh, wow.
[23:00] matociquala: more photos....
[23:00] matociquala:
[23:01] matociquala: I want that one. *g*
[23:01] katallen: mmm
[23:02] beatriceeagle: So very red...
[23:02] matociquala: I could fill up a garden just with roses named "canterbury"
[23:02] katallen: (and I'm sat here thinking that you'll need those neat little stick in the ground plaques)
[23:02] matociquala:
[23:03] matociquala: Hee.
[23:03] matociquala: I would.
[23:03] katallen: I wonder if they'd do a book shape ::giggles::
[23:03] matociquala: I would probably have to be sensible and pick four or five. *g*
[23:03] beatriceeagle: Who needs sensibility?
[23:03] katallen: bah...
[23:03] matociquala: People with budgets, alas....
[23:03] katallen: that's barely a flowerbed worth
[23:04] matociquala: eight or nine?
[23:04] matociquala: *g*
[23:04] beatriceeagle: Okay. Eight or nine would give you room to work with.
[23:04] katallen: start with half a dozen and expand
[23:04] matociquala: Fair!
[23:04] beatriceeagle: Plus, if you took all of them, they'd take over the house.
[23:05] matociquala: Well, that would be the plan.
[23:08] katallen: I probably have some rose dna... number of times I ripped myself running around them
[23:08] katallen: oh, yes, bigger thorns are way better than lots of small ones
[23:08] katallen: ::shares seriously important rose growing advice::
[23:09] matociquala: Yes
[23:09] matociquala: A few big thorns are much better than a fistful of barb wire
[23:09] katallen: plus they're kind of pretty
[23:09] katallen: rhino horn shaped
[23:10] matociquala: Yes.
[23:11] matociquala: Bea, you can come visit me when I have a place and share the roses
[23:12] beatriceeagle: Aww. I might have to steal them, though.
[23:13] matociquala: Hee
[23:13] matociquala: Well, that's what cuttings are for...
[23:13] beatriceeagle: Although actually, I don't know what I'd do with stolen roses.
[23:13] katallen: a stolen rose garden!
[23:13] beatriceeagle: Perfect for romantics and criminals.
[23:15] matociquala: Practical!

Tags: horticulture (no really: horticulture)

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