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Book Report # 75: Kazuo Ishiguro, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY

This is quite good, in a leisurely, contemplative, elegaic sort of way. It reveals itself quite subtly, through the mechanism of a self-justifying, self-deluding first-person narrator who nevertheless remains sympathetic and quite pitiable. The Remains of the Day concerns the cross-country motor trip of a butler in a great English house in the aftermath of the second World War. The narrator, Mr. Stevens, had led a trapped and constrained life, and through the metaphor of that life Ishiguro examines facets of service, of politics, of blind loyalty, of self-sacrifice... and also the question of change, and living through it. It's a story about suspension and failure, wuite complex, elegantly written, and depressing as a held breath.

If Stevens has a card, it's The Hanged Man.

Good book. Makes me crave scones with cream like anything, though, let me tell you.

Man, my head still hurts from yesterday.
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