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and the night comes again to the circle-studded sky....

Well, I suspect I can stop feeling like I haven't accomplished anything in the past week, because I just actually pasted together the outline and all the bits we've written for Part 8 of the Secrit Projekt (please now, parts 1-7 still need to be written, but part 8 is important, and collaborative, and therefor requires Much Discussion) and it stands at...

40 pages, single-spaced. Or about 14,000 words.

Okay, MOST of that is outline.

But I'm still claiming 7,000 words for the week, dammit.

You know, I think this is going to be really good.

It's always interesting working with other people, because the synergy means that things get pushed in weirder and wilder directions, as everybody brings their strengths to bear, gets excited, and so on.  Brainstorming? Still more fun than putting words on paper.

At least I know my head isn't broken, though, even though it feels like it when I turn around and stare at Bone & Jewel Creatures or any of the other things I owe....

In other news, Iron & Wine? Still creepy.
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