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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

who'll die by fire? who will seek the flame?

I am having wayyy too much fun with the secrit projekt. Maybe it's the collaboration; maybe it's the fact that it's cool and we have four people pouring ideas at it, but I'm finding it fascinating. People just say stuff, and it's cool and entrancing and it serves as a springboard for somebody else to say something, and then we're off. We plotted sixteen episodes (two "seasons") of this thing in a couple of days, and it's a great plot, if I do say so myself. (And I can, because most of it wasn't my work. My role appears to be to frown at things and say "well, there's a logic problem over here--" and then have people explain why I am being thick.

Which is a fine job, I suppose, and somebody has to do it.

Actual writing has commenced, and it's going fairly fast, even if we appear to be working on the wrong end of season 1. Or working both ends against the middle, anyway, which might be a problem, as that means no matter which way we go I have the next episode in continuity as a solo job. Erm. Well, you know. Anyway, if we get the climax of season 1 written, we will know what we are working towards, and we can revise it for continuity later.

Also, it is probably wrong to take this much joy in being as absolutely horrible to a character as we are being horrible to this character. I am pretty sure that I've never racked up a protagonist this badly, in all the time I've been writing. And I'm really enjoying the process.

I'm lucky this guy isn't real. If he was, the police lock would not save me, and not a jury on earth would convict.

Oh, if only all my work could be this much fun again. I get bouncy when related emails arrive in my inbox, and I am really boring the crap out of my friends gushing about this. Pity that one probably can't make a living writing fanfic for a nonexistent TV show.

So I guess the hiatus from, you know, work is probably a good thing, because it is proving to me that I can enjoy writing. I just need some time to have fun with it, rather than trying to write to insane deadlines, and then get up, walk across the room, and write to another insane deadline. The sad truth is, I think I need to start refusing more short fiction commissions, because I need the downtime of not having deadlines between things. Because if I'm not having fun, well. You're not having fun. And then what the hell do you want to read my damned books for?

I am, however, much more relaxed about life when I have work to do, and time to do it in.

Also: the walnut juice has about 66% worn off my hands. Just saying.


today, I love my job.

LOL. Coffee fetcher to Madame Show-Runner?

It's god's will, man. I'm *already* looking forward to writing Smoke & Mirrors, and I have 3.5 eps to go through to get there.

This stuff is total freaking crack. And I mean, I should *not* be having THIS MUCH FUN being unutterably horrible to Chaz. I think the self-fanfic thing is freeing. It's like, we can write complete crackfic FOR OUR OWN NONEXISTENT TV SHOW AND DO WHATEVER WE WANT.


The power.

(And was I not supposed to blog about it? Aiee!)
Everything Chaz is changing.

And yes, his body language is going to be utterly different.

Oh, and here, this is crack from my friend Bea, who owns the half of my brain you aren't currently using as spare storage.

Your description of this experience reminds me powerfully of when a really good RPG gets going. I've been in situations where people would "run scenes" (i.e. have in-character interactions outside of normal game sessions), occasionally for hours on end; I've done RP-by-email, where we're collaboratively tossing a scene back and forth, taking turns writing what both our characters are doing, and it's exactly that bouncy "oh awesome another e-mail arrived" feeling. And hell yeah, we bore the snot out of people who aren't involved.

It's a great sensation. I don't know that I could stomach actually writing stories collaboratively, but I adore it when gaming.
It was totally my favorite thing when I was GMing, and it's so much fun to do it in prose. "No wait I thought of X cool thing!"
Sounds like good fun indeed. What are you guys doing, a pitch for a show, or an anime, or a graphic novel or comic?
None of the above! *g*

(email, and I will spill some of the beans.)
Um... walnut juice?

And my teeny tiny brain was suddenly twisted away from the secrit projekt by that teeny tiny line, and is now demanding enlightenment.
I was playing with black walnuts earlier. They contain a juice that stains.
Let me guess, Chaz got shanghaied into baby sitting puppies.
He wishes.