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Thought for the day:

Like much of the internets, fandom is a potlatch society.

Your status is determined by how much and the quality of what you give away.

In my own fannish news, certain Criminal Minds spoiler tidbits and Kirsten V.'s blog have me somewhat concerned about the fate of my favorite TV character.... and that is all I am going to say about that, except maybe in comments, so be warned, comments-readers.*

*Yes, it was me who sent the boxing frog pen. Yes, it was from Kathy John's. Yes, that was the day I got stranded in the rainstorm and the alternator on the truck died on the Bulkeley Bridge and I had to be pushed off by a state police car.

And I had to get two and do surgery on them to make one functioning boxing frog pen, because all the ones they had left were broken. ;-) So it's a Franken frog....

It also lights up.

...let's just say I'm really glad she likes the pen.
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