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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat


Via my massage therapist, The Mean Kitty Song.

panjianlien, I think somebody borrowed Chairman Qiao.


LOL - thanks for posting!
I must go torment my cat now....
;) Mine are just taking a break from tormenting me...
Sure it's not because the MC's a handsoem young lad with nice biceps? :)

MY tormentor is sleeping on my daughter's bedroom floor on the hotrest rug in the house. He's stretched out to full dimensions to provide ample cooling of his harbls.

Actually, I hadn't noticed the biceps.

*probably dead*
Ms. Bitey-cat sat on my lap and listened closely to the whole song ...
Ms. Presumptuous Cat was also intrigued, and jumped up on the desk to see what I was doing.
I've never seen a more normal cat in my life.
HAH. Awww. What a lovely thing to wake up to.

It reminded me of the Kitten is Angry song by Lemon Demon.

Hee! That's great!

Now I hope I don't startle anyone at work -- that chorus is catchy.;)
Hey little kitty....
Hee, I had just posted that link in my LJ. A really 'sharable' video.
Am now DED from the cute.

Gee. Thanks. Gets me out of housework, I guess.
Cute. Kind of reminds me of "Pussy" by The Lords of Acid.
Pure genius!
I've been out of town, mostly, for a week. My four tormentors are off in the shadows plotting their revenge. Why they want revenge when they got goosheyfood every day I was gone, who knows? That's just the way cats think.

Thanks for posting this!
I noticed, you Had Fun.


Looked like a pretty good time, anyway. Worth the flight?
People with no diginity on my internets, even. ;-)
Cute! The guy's got moves, but if that's his place, he srlsy needs a decorator.
See icon. ;-)
Heh. I’ve learned to flip my hand around sideways when Yeti gets combative, so his fangs bracket my finger. I can then tickle the roof of his mouth, which he hates. Of course, I still have to keep his claws trimmed, since he also likes to grab my hand when wrassling...

New Amsterdam was great fun, starting from the very first sentence. I’ve placed it on top of my wife’s In stack.

Thank you!

*g* I was wondering if there was anybody out there who knew who Clever Hans was ;-).

Aww. Poor Yeti. He has a mean monkey.