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"We're never going to be friends."

[11:46] matociquala: kosher salt beagel with pink grapefruit marmalade and butter?
[11:46] matociquala: omgwtfbbq
[11:47] matociquala: bagel
[11:47] tanaise: poor beagle.
[11:47] matociquala: not beagel
[11:47] leahbobet: mmmmm
[11:47] tanaise: too late!  We know the truth.
[11:47] leahbobet: I don't think you can kosher a beagle.
[11:48] tanaise: possibly if you salt it.
[11:51] leahbobet: I'm pretty sure dogs aren't kosher.
[11:52] matociquala: The only bad part is the kosher salt burns on my palate.
[11:52] stillsostrange: You have an army air corps jacket!
[11:52] matociquala: I should have dusted some of that off.
[11:52] matociquala: I do!
[11:52] matociquala: Vintage WWII
[11:52] stillsostrange: We can be archaic twinkies
[11:52] tanaise: a beagle is so much more than just a dog.
[11:52] matociquala: But a beagel is more than a beagle
[11:55] leahbobet: Yeah, I checked, unless it's the satanic beagle that has cloven hooves, it's not kosher.
[11:55] leahbobet: (we won't discuss cud-chewing, as every dog I have known eats its own puke.)
[11:55] tanaise: not even gefilte beagle?
[11:55] matociquala: well, that's like cud chewing.
[11:55] leahbobet Nope.
[11:56] leahbobet: Deliver the cloven-hoofed beagle and you may have gefilte beagle.
[11:56] tanaise: but beagles swim!
[11:56] matociquala: ...can I blog this?
[11:56] leahbobet: hee, yes.
[11:56] matociquala: ooo, twinkies.
[11:56] matociquala: Vintage twinkies are okay. twinkies never spoil.
[11:56] tanaise: you're looking in the wrong column.  they're fish, not cows.
[11:57] leahbobet: They're land mammals.
[11:57] tanaise: they swim!
[11:57] leahbobet: That scale on your beagle is in fact a skin condition.  :-P
[11:57] matociquala: Beagles, still trayf
[11:57] matociquala: live with it
[11:58] matociquala:
[11:58] matociquala: Now I want to get a potbellied pig and name it Trayf.
[11:58] leahbobet: heeeee
[11:59] leahbobet: Ohmigod I have to get that for my doggy.  :)
[11:59] matociquala: It's like naming your betta "Sushi."

Book report #76: Brian and Wilma Ritterhausen, Growing Orchids

A book on growing orchids. How about that? ;-)

1x11 'Till the Blood Runs Clear
9 July 1999

In which John makes a wormhole and Zhaan gets her chloroplasts in a twist.

Sandraiders! Bwahahaha. The extended Star Wars parody riffs in this one kill me. Darth D'Argo is the *best.* As is Aeryn tempted by Crais, and the incompetent bountyhunters everywhere you look. Sometimes, incompetent bounty hunters eating things that still have faces.

"If you go straight out that way, there's a truly outstanding expanse of sand."

Bodily Fluids:
D'Argo's goopy blood.
Deaths of named characters:
Worldbuilding weirdness:
John, sliding downhill on the sanity chart, is in gray and black now. I think this ep might be the first appearance of Crazy Motherfucker John. Because John, he didn't used to be a crazy motherfucker. But wow, he got that way.

1x12/13 The Flax
16 July 1999

In which the crew quarrel like toddlers and we find out that John was in a head-on when he was 19. Also D'Argo gets some heavyhanded character development.

"Not everyone imprisoned by the Peacekeepers was innocent."

"This is going to hurt, isn't it?"

"I'm the female of the species."

I love the trash-fired spaceship. Too silly for words.

Bodily Fluids:
Deaths of named characters:
Worldbuilding weirdness:
Interstellar drift nets. Garbologists! And a "Transport Pod." Does Moya have a fourth small craft aboard, or is that the shuttle under a different name?

Also? Shemar Moore? Built on *entirely* too many points. /geekadelic

Tags: 100 book reports, chatroom transcripts, geeks with guns, rape of john crichton, the writer at work

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