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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

now that's just creepy.

career meme, via coalescent and buymeaclue:

1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/.
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top umpty results:

1. Website Designer
2. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
3. Desktop Publisher
4. Fashion Designer
5. Multimedia Developer
6. Costume Designer
7. Anthropologist
8. Activist
9. Writer
10. Print Journalist

The ones I boldfaced are the ones I've actually done; the ones in italics are ones I have considered at any point.
Okay, that's just creepy.

Here's the rest of the list, because they made me laugh. Job I have held, still boldfaced. Jobs I ever wanted, italicized.

Please note #37.

If nothing else works out, I can always become a sanitation engineer!

11. Critic
12. Computer Animator
13. Artist
14. Graphic Designer
15. Translator (This was actually my career goal, when I was fifteen.)
16. Medical Illustrator
17. Technical Writer
18. Industrial Designer
19. Criminologist
20. Animator
21. Video Game Developer
22. Set Designer
23. Interior Designer
24. Chiropractor
25. Crane Operator
26. Forensics Specialist
27. Paramedic

28. Airport Ground Crew
29. Heavy Equipment Operator
30. Massage Therapist
31. Horticulturist
32. Respiratory Therapist
33. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
34. Hairstylist
35. Taxidermist
36. Dental Hygienist
37. Waste Collector
38. Fruit and Vegetable Grower
39. Audiologist
40. Physical Therapist



we do it just to annoy you....
When I was ten, I wanted to be an astrophysicist, but then I hit the wall with math in high school--
Jeez oh whammy. I just did it, and, well, it's no damn wonder I'm a bit, erm, unmotivated. And then I talked to the ex and he was all, "Well, DUH." Apparently I want to do something in counseling, psychology, community activism and aid, or teaching.

Forty selections, where do you think "attorney" came up?

Not. At. All.

You know, somewhere near you, there is a domestic violence shelter that needs a good lawyer desperately.

I know, because I used to work at once just like it.

Fair warning: sometimes that is not safe work.
Bingo! Career couselor. It's not what I ended up doing, but it's what my degree's in, and what I intended to do,

Writer was only #34. ;(
Ooh, I managed to get it a mer #31!

Worryingly, though, that was five below "cartoonist", and I can't draw to save my life...
I can't draw either.

S'why I didn't make it as a cartoonist. ;-)
I'm a bit consoled now.
Positively creepy- I, with a longstanding fear of dead things, got Taxidermist as # 10. Yes, I like animals. LIVE ones.

I'd do better as a cartoonist. ;)
I think you'd enjoy #38, at least as an amateur, and it's one more reason to hope for the best with Project: Buy a House.

Actually, I have plans to. *g* Heirloom tomatoes in hanging baskets, at the very least. And a peach tree.
It becomes more interesting if you take the skills inventory, too, because that rates your current ability to do the various jobs based on a bunch of how-good-are-you-at-X questions. It offers a letter scale with 'A' being the best match and 'E' the worst.
#35 seems like a promising career path! ;)

Your list looks almost exactly like my list, although the top ten are switched around a bit. Writer actually made it up to #3 for me, I was shocked.
If it's any comfort, I failed Creative Writing twice.
I said I liked heavy machinery. *g*

Um, most of them are writing, one way or another.

Funny thing is, I was shit as a designer. I don't have a good eye.

I still like playing with photoshop, though.
Yes, the one thing I noticed is that it was all about what you liked, not what you were actually any good at.

Now when you're my age, you've pretty much learned not to like things you aren't any good at (e.g. once upon a time I would have loved to be a blacksmith, but I know that my manual dexterity simply isn't up to any job of that nature), but it can still give you some odd results.

On the plus side - its #1 choice was the job I've done for most of the last 25 years, and there's no doubt that I would adore the second job in the list too (Cartographer), as long as I got to make up places and then draw maps of them... sadly, little call for that, professionally.
I know a lot of fantasy writers who might hire you to do that latter....
Send them to me now! For more than one of my past FRP campaigns, I've drawn maps that are pretty much equivalent to UK Ordnance Survey 1"-to-the-mile maps, with 100' contour lines and everything, plus shading for ground cover (heath, scrub, deciduous forest, marsh, etc).

Yes, I am that sad.
There's another quiz on the site about skills.
I've been a "sanitation engineer" its a job that involves a lot of smells. Very....unpleasant ones.
Well, it's obvious that it's time to try your hand as a multimedia developer, no? Or at least consider it...
I honestly am not even sure what a multimedia developer *does*...
Nor am I, and I've been in IS/IT for almost fifteen years now.

But it would look cool on a resume.
Boggle #2:

33. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

I mean - what? What?

I'm sure there's a really simple explanation (like, setting up X-rays and things).

But I don't do simple explanations. I'm trying to work out whose/what's nucleus might need medicine and the technology required for it.
Radiation therapy.
Of course. What was I thinking? *facepalm*

Writer is usually top 3, but it was 36 in this list. My mind is somewhere else today (building a character, I suspect.)