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supermodel cheekbones, equity and cash, miliseconds later, piles of ash.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 4000 words on "Refining Fire" today. I don't know exactly how much, because some was incorporated notes and some was fiddling already written stuff. It's pretty much officially a novella. But we have reached the point where the plot seriously ramps up.

Word knows "bastinado" but not "strappado." Huh.

I guess that covers "mean things" too, doesn't it?

Oh, yeah. Um. Chaz is having a really bad day.

Wow, I'm tired.

And the edit letter for All the Windwracked Stars is here, so I take a break from the secrit projekt and get to work on that, between all the buying things work to do this weekend.

It's a very short edit letter. It basically boils down to, Bear, you need to take your oblique, ambiguous literary characterization technique and make it accessible to the genre readers, man.

It's the same thing they always say.

Hey, I like oblique.
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