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relieve all pain and suffering and lift us out of the dark.

turn us all into methuselah but where are we gonna park?

Because I have gotten a bunch of the edits done, and also written about 1900 words of "Refining Fire," AND done all the laundry, I get to do a meme before I go cook dinner. I did not go car shopping today, because the garage, in a fit of irony, can't find anything wrong with Eunice. Which is to say, the problem that left stillsostrange and I stranded at a Shell station in Darkest Greenwich is not being duplicatable.

Well, hey, if it fixed itself, I guess I have a trade-in.

via slash_girl:

Remember your first LJ? The free one with only six icons? In this meme, you have to choose and post the six icons you would keep if you had no choice but go back to the six limit. They don't have to be in your list of icons you're using right now, but you have to explain why you choose those specific six. Next, you have to tag six people to do the same.

Hah. When I started this lj, it came with three icons.

So I'll use *that* limit..

Paring 139 down to three?

No sweat.

Because it is probably my perfect icon. Really, this is your brain. This is your brain on whatever my brain is on.

Well, I do.

And you are.

And when heresluck graces you with an icon made from a scott_lynch quote, it's not to be lightly tossed aside.

And last but not least, my beloved genius icon, because it's actually flash fiction, after a fashion, and because it's bitterly ironical on so many levels, and I love its meta.


What, you say? That was cheating? Do the other three, Bear, you suck?


Because it is the single sentence from the single book that, for me, most nearly sums up the literary life.

This one because it's also flash fiction, and because, well, it's made of win.

And of course, a Whiskey Wicked Faerie Apologist icon, because I am, and because every girl needs a pony.


There. Now you know. *g* I'm going to go make me some sketti and then come back and work on this edit some more. Yours for things crossed off the to-do list....

E. Bear.
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