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the night has a thousand saxophones.

[18:10] stillnotbored: I look up a word to be sure and find out it only exists in the Pern books
[18:10] stillnotbored: corrupted I tell you
[18:10] stillnotbored: *deletes*
[18:16] matociquala: lol
[18:16] matociquala: what word?
[18:16] stillnotbored: cot holder
[18:16] matociquala: *g*
[18:17] matociquala: cottager is the word you want
[18:17] stillnotbored: awesome
[18:17] stillnotbored: thank you
[18:17] matociquala: Unfortunately, these days, it's a slang term for gay men who have sex in public bathrooms
[18:18] matociquala: but whatcha gonna do?
Tags: chatroom transcripts, the writer at work

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