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better bring your own redemption when you come to the barricades of heaven, where i'm from.

Well, assuming casacorona doesn't send it back to me and tell me to really wash behind my ears this time, I think that's the edits on All the Windwracked Stars put to bed.

That was not actually the easiest edit-to-editorial-direction ever. The easiest edit ever was Scardown, which I did in about two hours. (The worst was Blood & Iron, which took months.

Guess there's something to be said for doing fifteen drafts, rewriting the book from scratch, and then doing a couple more passes before you hand it in....

Now, just Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth to go this autumn.

In other news, it's officially autumn. I'm wearing wool socks and a sweater and craving apple cider, which I cannot have until I have a vehicle again, and the winter jasmine is blooming.
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