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kiss me make me cry how did i wind up here?

Book Report #77: Ken Norman, The Complete Practical Encyclopedia Of Bonsai.

What it says on the cover, man. I have drowned in information on tiny trees.


commodorified has asked me to link this page, publicizing a Canadian group's action to support American war resisters.

Do what's in your conscience, as the sergeant said.

Mysterious Galaxy offers a book review of A Companion To Wolves, the publication of which is only a month out, now. It was originally scheduled to come out while I was teaching at Viable Paradise; Now I'll actually get to have a celebratory beer without crawling out from under a pile of manuscripts first.

However, I will probably be deep in frantic revisions of the Stratford Man books by then, so I may need more than one (1) beer.

Now, I'm gonna stop yammering on LJ and go play Chuzzle until I feel like going to bed. Tomorrow, I get to read a book or something and also start writing the second-worst day in Chaz Villette's life.

The worst day, alas, is still to come.
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