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secret destroyers hold you up to the flames

3700 words of "Refining Fire" today, in about seven and a half hours of solid writing. I am very pleased with this scene, in an oh, my god, Em and I should probably not be allowed on the streets with the decent common people kind of way. (She says folks are going to cross the street when they see us coming. I suspect they may make us ring cattle bells and call UNCLEAN UNCLEAN.)

Still, wow. This is, I think, honestly the worst thing I have ever done to any of my characters. Anywhere. The only ones who *may* be in the running are Kit and Jenny, and they're thinking about sending a condolence card.

Hah! This track and three others are available for download on her myspace page, here.

In other news, I am way too in love with this:

Yes, Virginia. The quiet pretty ones are screaming inside, too.
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