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December 2021



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secret destroyers hold you up to the flames

3700 words of "Refining Fire" today, in about seven and a half hours of solid writing. I am very pleased with this scene, in an oh, my god, Em and I should probably not be allowed on the streets with the decent common people kind of way. (She says folks are going to cross the street when they see us coming. I suspect they may make us ring cattle bells and call UNCLEAN UNCLEAN.)

Still, wow. This is, I think, honestly the worst thing I have ever done to any of my characters. Anywhere. The only ones who *may* be in the running are Kit and Jenny, and they're thinking about sending a condolence card.

Hah! This track and three others are available for download on her myspace page, here.

In other news, I am way too in love with this:

Yes, Virginia. The quiet pretty ones are screaming inside, too.


Worst thing

Oh.... my....

Re: Worst thing

There may be condolence cards coming in from Tim Powers characters momently....

Re: Worst thing

I read this aloud to Ian, who said "Ow. Okay that's bad."

On a wholly different note, just saw these guitars designed for women and thought you'd appreciate the one in the first photo.

Re: Worst thing


Re: Worst thing

Total nonsequitur, but the next time you're in a mood for catwaxing with a Posthumous Jonson bent, I just found an article titled Jonson, Shakespeare and the Exorcists which might be relevant (or might not)

Re: Worst thing

Thank you!

Re: Worst thing

Oh, and I also discovered I have access to the online Cambridge Companions series. So if you want any articles from The Cambridge Companion to Ben Jonson or "to Marlowe" or any of the myriad Shakespeare or RenLit volumes, let me know.

Re: Worst thing

Thanks, I will.

Re: Worst thing

Thank you so much for that link! I've been looking for a small electric bass, and the only other "for women" guitar company I found was Daisy Rock.

Re: Worst thing

Oh, you know, my dad could probably make you one.

Re: Worst thing

O RLY. Will look into! Although one rather feels one should, ah, learn how to play before one gets a custom instrument. ^_^;;

Re: Worst thing

See, the thing is, he makes really inexpensive custom instruments....

Re: Worst thing

Also, completely apart from instruments: the idea that you have done something to a character that makes even your other characters go "...dude, sucks to be you" is...mildly terrifying. Yet intriguing!

Re: Worst thing

Yeah, um.

I'm not sure I want to be me right now, actually. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for this one.

Re: Worst thing

You do. But you can blame me for the very end of that, at least. Although you get to turn the outline into English....

People are going to drive themselves nuts trying to figure out who wrote what....
Condolence cards from Kit and Jenny.

Oooh. Ouch.

Oh, I love that video. It's the perfect expression of how some people (often women) handle their rage without, well, yelling and jumping around.
Yeah. She's *nailing* it. And the people acting out behind her, and the searing irony of the words contrasted with her demeanor--

I like this better than the original, frankly, I think it's doing more work.
I find myself having to agree, even as much as I loved the original. It was crashing and ragey, sure, but this punches me in the gut. I could've gotten a lot more out of the emotional subtlety in it when I was a teen, even if I wouldn't have understood why.
That vid. Wow.
Man, I wish things like that and "Seether" had been around when I was in high school.

The world would have made SO MUCH MORE SENSE.
Re: the vid--that's a hell of a cover. It hits me just as hard as the original (which was very dear to me back when I was in high school), but in different, deeper places. Gave me a chill, even.
I keep listening to it. It appears to be hard to come by the cut, which makes me sad, because I want it. badly.
BAH! I lied! It's on her myspace page.
Oh, yay!

Huh. She's (in a way, haha) a local artist... I wonder if the stores around here carry her album. Then again, the one chain here has a decided problem with carrying anything that isn't Finnish or dead-on mainstream.

If not, the CD Now place has a good price on her album.
Hell. We r goin therz.