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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

i'm just doing what i do best. running with the devil and the dispossessed.

I bought a car.

It's a '98 Civic 4-door sedan, in serious danger of being named The Smurfmobile, because it is tiny and blue. I can pick it up on Monday.

Tomorrow I brave DMV, and the insurance company.


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Apparently, this is My Car.

Because I showed up at the lot, said "I am here to buy a used car, here is my price range, show me the women automobiles, and they were taking me around to the ones that were you know, affordable by starving writers (a Camry, a Saturn, and an Ultima (and man, that Ultima was TRICKED OUT) ashacat and I spotted this little blue thing in the corner (Each of us is insisting the other one saw it first.)

And I said, "Is that a Honda? Is it for sale?"

And the salesguy said, "Um, I have never seen that car before, let me check."

And he did, and it was (no sticker on the window, even: brand new on the lot), and the price was right, and I drove it and said "I want this one."

So, since it's so new, they have to clean it for me and check the mechanicals, and I can pick it up on Monday, and I will have car.



I like Hondas.

It even has a brand new stereo in it. The mileage is a little high, but it's a Honda; if I can't get it to 200K, I'm not trying.

*pets tiny blue car*
Well, if the bastard would just SLOW DOWN A LITTLE.
Hondas rock. I have a tiny gray father--grandfather?--of your new car, a 1992 4 door Civic. It's still zipping along quite merrily. Drive in good health.
Thank you!
Yay Honda. I hope it carries you well in comfort. Good luck with the DMV, I know here in NJ, the DMV has recently gotten a lot better. Don't know how it is up by you.
Roger. Wilco. Thanks.
Papa Smurf if its a boy, and Mama Smurf if its a girl?
Huzzah La Honda! We have three--a 92 Accord wagon, from when they still made real wagons, a 99 CRV, and my 2005 Element--and I am fully sold on Honda. Viva la Smurfmobile! (Blueberry? Um. I don't know any tiny blue stars, but surely there are some. Bluebell? I fear I'm in peril of committing saccharine overload. *g*)


Congratulations! You do know, of course, that new cars are best christened by listening to the beginning of the Carmina Burana as loudly as possible on the stereo as you drive away from the dealer?

Trust me, gets the car in the right frame of mind (-:
Given the state of my car, I AM jealous.

Good luck with the DMV monster. I have to visit them soon myself.
Congratulations, and yay, Hondas. We've had four of 'em, each better than the last. The current one is The Car That Would Not Die.

Anything old enough to register for school is still boho.

So...what are they when they're old enough to get their own driver's license?

(I'm still driving a '91 Civic wagon.... yay, Hondas.)
LOL cool! is it smurftastic?
The first new car I bought all by my widdle self, after grad school, once I had a real job, was a 1990 Honda Civic DX. No radio, no air conditioning - I was a cheapskate afraid of too much debt and was living in the Bay Area so I didn't need AC. (I finally got air conditioning when I moved to Sacramento in 1995).

I put about 150K miles on it in 10 years and drove it all over the West Coast. My wife and I courted in it, we drove it to our wedding in it and brought our older daughter home from the hospital in it.

I sold it in 2000 to a guy in the neighborhood who was getting it for his daughter to use for high school and college. I swear I still see it around the neighborhood now and then, chugging along.

May you collect as many fond memories of your Civic as I did.

- yeff


Good Choice. The TRUCK needs a stable-mate.
The Honda that I had was a good car even AFTER the kids learned how to use a clutch (the odor of burning clutch lives on in every remembrance).
Happy motoring, and congratulations on getting a car in a color that does not cause law enforcement to automatically reach for their ticket pads. Also, blue is good because you can find it in the snow.
And in parking lots, which is the problem with the white/silver ones.

"OH, it's a silver honda--"

*Stares across endless parking lot of silver hondas*
I had a bright blue Mazda RX3SP once. Called it BlueBird. I envisioned a bumper sticker that said "I Brake for Birds". Had it 11 years. I forget why I sold it (to a friend) and it is still running. Next I got a 1990 Civic Station Wagon. I loved that car unreasonably, but my arthritus wouldn't let me park it. Traded it in for a VW Golf (sometimes known as a Rabbit). It is ok, but I really miss my Civic.

Major congratulations. Good score!
Ooh, congrats! Hondas are good cars. (Speaking of cars, have you seen The Tesla Roadster?)
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