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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

sitzfleisch, man.

Justine talks about sitting, because Maureen was talking about sitting before her. And how it relates to writing.

What they said.


In my workspace, I have a laptop and a desktop and a jump drive, a comfy office chair, a good keyboard, a big legs-elevated chair and a futon to use the laptop in, a stability ball and a foam roller for my back. I see a massage therapist twice a month and I lift weights and do yoga.

It just about keeps me functional on the twelve-hour writing days.

I think mucking out stalls was better for me, physically, than this job.

On the other hand, my books don't try to step on my feet for attention.


On the other hand, my books don't try to step on my feet

mine do, but then, they are feral stacked books.

They let me have apples.

(I love your idea of the photo food journal, BTW)

Charlie Stross swears by the ailerons...
Herman Miller Aeron chairs, to be precise. Last decade's bum support for dot-com bubble venture capitalist types, and overpriced, but you can pick them up cheap(er) on eBay -- at a price that's merely horrifying if compared to Office Depot's range, rather than an order of magnitude more -- and funnily enough, whaddaya know but those VC types also do a lot of sitting at desks, and maybe they're on to something?

I really need to see if I can stretch to having a bespoke desk made, once I've got the library bookcase headache sorted out ...
It's dreadfully expensive, but I secretly lust after the Aeron-seat power wheelchair. The idea of a powerchair that says "executive" rather than "cripple" is very tempting. Not to mention it'd be ten times better for my back than the existing bucket-seat model.
I'll bet your books smell better, too.
Fully reclined La-Z-Boy with heat and massage, extra pillows under head and sometimes knees. Decently big LCD monitor on adjustable swing-arm mount. Ergonomic keyboard (on its own pillow) and trackball.

Best workstation evar.

And when I've sat still for too long, there's the pool and hot tub.

Sadly there is not yet an ergonomic support device for my brain, so all too often I sit here and stare and drool. But it's made writing possible again, and that's what matters.

I've been trying to get my healthier half to buy himself a non-sucky desk chair for about five years, though, and he's both picky and cheap and too busy to shop. I think his existing chair may have to get mysteriously damaged when we move - except then he'll just sit on the piano stool. Damn.
Dancinghorsefarm does both, writes and raises horses. Lipizzans.