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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor who meant to be?

yes i mean you.

Secrit Projekt:

New Words:
  2023 on "Refining Fire," 1597 on DVD extras. Including smut. Yay, smut!
Reason for stopping: That was two sittings. One this morning ended when ashacat showed up for our gym date. The second I just finished now, and I'm quitting because I got to the end of the scene and it's the turn of one of my unindicted co-conspirators now.

Stimulants:  iced coffee, pomegranate, the last beer
Exercise: weights, elliptical, core, and a great deal of walking.
Miles to Rivendell: 0
Miles to Lothlorien: 461. It's like life. You achieve one goal, and the next one is standing there blinking at you.
Mail: nomail
Mammalian assistance: cat, you do not need to be in my lap, It's too hot.

Today's words Word don't know: Montressor, suitcoat, bonelessly, rucks, sunburnt, Statey, proceedeth, goin', understory, alligatored, weatherstripping, overprocessed, dammit, Maglite, Leatherface, untucked, waterboarding, lamby, peckin', cryin', westmost, unstick, ain't, palmful, sociopathic, nephilim, O.D., empath, Zacharias, sayeth, meatware, orcs, Corso, 'em, eyewatering, gonna, billy, hammocked, Bojangles, unholstered, sicced, overclocked, crosslegged, tabula rasa, Gummi, dopplering, enroute, vortexed, scaphoid, nasojejunal, immuration, FCOJ, kemo sabe, uck, gah, urk, ucky, ichor, puppeteered, importunings, refeeding, Shh, requireth, snugged, upsa-daisy, thready, meatpuppet, Giger, crack'd, exsanguination, Dachau, mic, vic, pietà, triggery, shocky, unmirrored, puddled, spotlit, evac, perp, gawd, freakin', godawful,

Okay, that's like three week's worth ofwords, but I just finally spellchecked.

Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: funeral sex. heartbreak. being pwned by monsters. semi-unreliable narrators. existential angst. wondering what it's like not to be a sociopath.
Tyop du jour: He sours a cup of thick, cold coffee and takes it over to the microwave.
Darling du jour: Thank you, Captain Bad Segue.
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: "dead weight"
Jury-rigging: should I be working on the season three DVD extras when Season 1 is not yet written? Ah. whatever. Causation is for wimps.
There's always one more quirk in the character: ...that's not what you think about in the morning when you pin your tie down.

Other writing-related work: none
Books in progress: Just started the second Inspector Chen book.
The Internet is full of things: but it's harder to find out stuff about airports these days than it used to be.


Happy birthday comment

According to my f-list, you are one year older today. While I do not believe I have ever commented on your blog, I do read it obsessively and enjoy your view on life. I will now go back to lurking.

Re: Happy birthday comment

Thank you!

I think I just stopped being a hot young SF writer and became old and tired.

Also completely OT: Happy Birthday!! ;) + "young" is overrated - so now you're a hot, older, more tired SF writer, right? ;)
Hee! I once tried (unsuccessfully) to teach a friend's parakeet to say "For the love of god, Montressor!"

"enroute" being two words is probably why the spellchecker didn't have it, that and it being French and all. Though I suppose it might have the "en" from typesetting lingo, which would then let both words slide by neatly. I'm amazed it doesn't have "ain't", "crosslegged", and "tabula rasa". Strange and ineffable are the ways of spellcheckers...

"nasojejunal"? No, I really don't want to know...

I recently reviewed the third Inspector Chen book over on carenejean's 50-books-by-people-of-color comm, 50book_poc, but I haven't read the first two yet. Strange style, eh? I looked Qiu up online, interesting guy.
woops, tried to delete and repost but the delete thing didn't work. That comm link should be 50books_poc. Sorry.
Bah. Enroute is one word if I say it is. *g* Remember, writers are the guys the OED quotes as sources. ;-)
I totally agree. I mean, "kidnaped" as a preferred spelling? They have GOT to be kidding. I have an ongoing feud with these things, there are some words I just refuse to spell "correctly", thanks to my early phonics training which taught that to shorten a vowel, you gotta double that consonant... Sometimes I bow sullenly to the spellchecker. Other times I bare my fangs.
See? We know what we're doing.

Back off, man, with your that-which distinction. What matters is does it *sound* right.
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!
Enjoy the stoppage time and have a nice birthday. :-)
Happy birthday. Have a great one.

"Funeral sex" is just teasing us!
Wishing you a happy birthday, and a year of success and of joyful surprise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope you, the cats and whomever have a FAB day.

Happy Birthday!

You kept that quiet ;-)

Any birthday treats so far?

Re: Happy Birthday!

*g* I took myself out for sushi for lunch.

I don't really do birthdays, so much. But it's really nice to be remembered. Thanks, guys. ;-)
Happy Birthday!!!
Well, I am just about to pop out and fetch a bottle of wine.

And then we can discuss plot. ;-)

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to delurk and join the chorus of happy birthdays! I emailed you a while ago to tell you how much I enjoyed Blood and Iron, and I've now got Whiskey and Water in my waiting to be read pile. I can't wait! Would it be OK if I added you to my friendslist?


Re: Happy Birthday!


Oh, absolutely! This is a public journal.
Happy Birthday!