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yes i mean you.

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New Words:
  2023 on "Refining Fire," 1597 on DVD extras. Including smut. Yay, smut!
Reason for stopping: That was two sittings. One this morning ended when ashacat showed up for our gym date. The second I just finished now, and I'm quitting because I got to the end of the scene and it's the turn of one of my unindicted co-conspirators now.

Stimulants:  iced coffee, pomegranate, the last beer
Exercise: weights, elliptical, core, and a great deal of walking.
Miles to Rivendell: 0
Miles to Lothlorien: 461. It's like life. You achieve one goal, and the next one is standing there blinking at you.
Mail: nomail
Mammalian assistance: cat, you do not need to be in my lap, It's too hot.

Today's words Word don't know: Montressor, suitcoat, bonelessly, rucks, sunburnt, Statey, proceedeth, goin', understory, alligatored, weatherstripping, overprocessed, dammit, Maglite, Leatherface, untucked, waterboarding, lamby, peckin', cryin', westmost, unstick, ain't, palmful, sociopathic, nephilim, O.D., empath, Zacharias, sayeth, meatware, orcs, Corso, 'em, eyewatering, gonna, billy, hammocked, Bojangles, unholstered, sicced, overclocked, crosslegged, tabula rasa, Gummi, dopplering, enroute, vortexed, scaphoid, nasojejunal, immuration, FCOJ, kemo sabe, uck, gah, urk, ucky, ichor, puppeteered, importunings, refeeding, Shh, requireth, snugged, upsa-daisy, thready, meatpuppet, Giger, crack'd, exsanguination, Dachau, mic, vic, pietà, triggery, shocky, unmirrored, puddled, spotlit, evac, perp, gawd, freakin', godawful,

Okay, that's like three week's worth ofwords, but I just finally spellchecked.

Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: funeral sex. heartbreak. being pwned by monsters. semi-unreliable narrators. existential angst. wondering what it's like not to be a sociopath.
Tyop du jour: He sours a cup of thick, cold coffee and takes it over to the microwave.
Darling du jour: Thank you, Captain Bad Segue.
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: "dead weight"
Jury-rigging: should I be working on the season three DVD extras when Season 1 is not yet written? Ah. whatever. Causation is for wimps.
There's always one more quirk in the character: ...that's not what you think about in the morning when you pin your tie down.

Other writing-related work: none
Books in progress: Just started the second Inspector Chen book.
The Internet is full of things: but it's harder to find out stuff about airports these days than it used to be.
Tags: progress notes, wtf

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