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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu (sorta) going to hurt ivan & h

truepenny just reminded me of something.

A lot of the time, the world is going to make you angry.

If it doesn't, there's something wrong with you.


Maybe I need to remember this.
Paraphrasing James Baldwin: to be conscious in this world is to be in a constant state of rage. Or depression. Or employing whatever methods may assist one in the escape from consciousness.

Personally, I prefer to escape into a good book. Thank you for making those available.
If it doesn't, there's something wrong with you.


Who said the bumper sticker, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention"?

Happy Birthday, btw!! :)
Thank you.
But happy birthday!
Too much Chaz.

What can I say?

Off Topic

Happy Birthday!
The world doesn't make me nearly as angry as some people do. :)
A common enough ailment. I have it too.
Good; because we aren't the world. Not unless you're a mountain, tree or river or something other than the small human component of the planet.
I agree with you entirely on this point. I only listed river, sky, mountain, etc. par example.
1. Happy birthday!

2. I think something's wrong with me. The world used to make me angry a lot of the time, but these days, I just sort of shake my head sadly and keep on keeping' on.
Honestly, I think the same thing is wrong with me.

But then I get angry again, so I guess I'm not dead yet.
I think they’re calling it “outrage fatigue” now. I now take it in stride when I see people perpetrate new and amazing forms of stupidity, try to find organizations that combat the stupidity, and add them to my list of notifications for action alerts.

And have a happy birthday, even amidst all the causes for righteous wrath.

I am angry with the world every day--- that however does not make me normal...
Damn right!

Have a happy f**king birthday, dammit!

*Not sure what the swearing status is in your LJ, so I figured I better semi-behave myself--always a time to start


<3 icon

OK. No goddamed fucking problem!

Wow, 2d post in your journal today

and I hadn't posted here in forever . . .

(okay, one was to say happy belated birrthday, but still . . . )

(. . . am I using too many little dot things?)

I was thinking along these lines in all sorts of ways the last couple of days. I mean, I *always* think that there's something everyone should be outraged about, nearly every day, but I was feeling particularly down about the nature of the outrage and and the way it's directed and how much of it is people who should be on the same side directing it at each other over what are trifles and how much is people who are on the same side but only for some particular issue but really we're all out there like Treebeard because almost no one is entirely . . . and so forth.

It's like, how can I quit the feminist movement and the anti-racist movement whilst still being feminist and anti-racist? Why isn't there some option for resigning from the human race? (other than possibly permanent and certainly uncertain death, I mean)

Everything from wondering why Jackson/Sharpton/all the protesters down in Louisiana don't take up a collection/use their own money to pay the kid's bail and if they're not doing this on purpose because they think he makes a better symbol in jail to thinking this prosecutor is not going to get anywhere NEAR the flack Nifong did (not that Nifong didn't deserve it, tho for screwing up the case, not for manufacturing one, tho one would never know this from media coverage) to about five thousand other things.

Gah. Well, this is a cheery beginning to the day. Tho I love those songs you mentioned in your other post.

::wonders whether this will have an impact on what I write later::
Oo, can I steal your "the truth will make you flee" tag for a sig block quote? I collect them (though I always forget to then USE them, dammit). I can offer you three in exchange:

Don't ever assume the enemy of your enemy is your friend. They may just be arguing over who gets the wishbone.
-- C. M. Decarnin


"You're supposed to be too blinded with passion to make fun of my underwear."


"Kiss me." ...

"Someone could walk in."

"So what? You've got a gun."

both from:
-- Ethan Nelson, "The Denny's Cycle"

Though I'm not sure it's original...