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bear by san

March 2017



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froud tapestry

a word from the management.

Hi. This is an admin post, which theoretically is for the new people. With any luck, it will stay at the top of the blog this time.

Through your mastery of the backroads of the internet, you've found my weblog. I'm Elizabeth Bear; I write science fiction and fantasy, and I talk about that here. I also talk about my life, my hobbies, my elderly and presuming cat, and various other things, including TV shows and books I like, the ongoing saga of my recent car troubles, things I did this weekend, and so on.

This is a public blog, and I very, very rarely post anything friends-locked. You don't have to ask my permission to add me as a friend, to read or to comment. I often don't add people back, but that's because I'm swamped, not because I don't think you're interesting.

The only thing I ask is that you be polite, to me and to other commenters, and exercise the sort of common courtesy you would in someone else's living room. If you don't know what common courtesy is, ask your mother. If I think somebody is being rude, I generally explain it to them before I take drastic action, so don't fret too much.

Welcome in. There's drinks in the fridge, and if you get here early, you might score a spot in the hammock or on the futon. Feel free to introduce yourself, if you haven't before.

Watch out for the man-eating plants.


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/brings in a papasan chair and a platter of cookies/
/hands out cookies/
/curls up in papasan/

You invited introductions and far be it from me to go against years of scientific research informing us that people love to talk about themselves. Nobel prize worthy findings indeed.

I've come because my occasional writing partner melissima keeps mentioning you and sending me links to your blog. I trust her taste and while I don't read many blogs I'm friending yours in an attempt to glean some of the inspiration and edification she seems to find in your writings.

I think we've crossed paths a couple of times when you read my Criminal Minds fic. It's not my primary fandom so I don't play in that sandbox often, however I do have a great affection for Morgan/Garcia - fueled by this most recent story arc of course.

A brief history of time Emma...
I have previously been paid to write non-fiction in my field, decided in 2005 to try my hand at creative writing as a way of breaking a writer's block, discovered an insatiable muse in the process and have written approximately 5-600 short stories since then. (For an amateur I am thought of as freakishly prolific. I have no idea how I compare to professionals.) I use my powers for good now /crosses heart/ and work with other authors to spur their creativity and defeat writer's blocks. I am totally and completely untrained, much to my embarrassment, but I've decided to graduate myself from the learn by doing school and enroll in the teachings of established writers in an attempt to learn the actual craft portion of this craft.

My LJ is fic only so I don't anticipate you will friend me back. (A personal LJ exists yet is woefully empty.) I did want to send my greetings and offer my gratitude for this blog since it has been meaningful and helpful to someone I care about.

I brought my comfy chair. I'm ready to settle in for a good read.

Hi! Yes, I have seen you around CM fandom.

As far as I know, the only way to learn to write is to write, and try to soak up technique where you can. So it sounds like you are doing everything right.
I'm Chris, and I don't know what else to say except that I admire you. Oh, and my recent NaNo finish *drum roll please* ;) was a dark fantasy, the first time I'd ever written a fantasy. It was fun, and strange, and exhilirating, addicting . . . yep, all of those at the same time.

I'm just going to sway on the hammock for a bit and soak up the good vibes. If I have a question later on, is that okay?
Hey! Finishing rocks. Good on you!

Yeah, hang out, feel free to chat.

I won't promise good answers, especially if I am on deadline, but I will try.
Hi, here via autopope & have been reading your blog sporadically for a while. I'm more an avid reader than anything writerly.

Nice to meet you!


Hi, I've been haunting Amazon for your book 'New Amsterdam' for the past AGES (haven't bought it yet because I live the poor student life and silly things like food take up valuable book money) and it mentions a paperback coming out soon?
If so when(!) and will it be published in Australia (...in particular Galaxy bookstore Sydney...?)
I cant wait to read more of Sebastien de Ulloa and Jack and this fascinating creature Abigail who I havent met yet!

There will be a trade paperback, out in June. Australian distribution, though I suspect might be a little tricky. However, when it is available, you'll be able to order it direct from the publisher, as it's a small press edition. (Subterranean Press).

By the way, would you mind signing anonymous comments? I just like to know which anonymous I'm talking to!
Hi! I was directed here by inamac. *pets the man-eating plants* Hope you don't mind if I friend and lurk. :D
Hi! Nice to meet you! Not at all!

Finally found your blog through some circuitous route that escapes me just now. My husband and I were at Penguicon this year, when you and truepenny helped us to smash through our several-year-old writer's block in the worldbuilding panel. (For which I still humbly thank you both!!! :-> After the panel, I went outside and spent the next several hours out on the hotel lawn, writing feverishly. Happy Days!)

In addition, I too, have been owned by a Queen of the Universe (passed now, alas, although with cats, one never knows). She was a prize-winning (with her previous owner) Lavender-tipped Siamese, and like many a beauty queen, she took pains to see that you never forgot that.

Anyhoo, I have taken the liberty of passing along your 'Cat & Monkey' tag to several of my friends, who were most amused. Any chance of some sort of formal, book-like tale of these Journeys someday? It would be quite the hoot.

Happy Hollydays and Musings to you!
Hi, nice to meet you!

Nope, no plans to collect those. They're just for fun. *g*



Instapundit linked this page and I followed from there.

I write science fiction and always like to hang around writers to see if I can glean some insight into process or attitude or maybe even something I don't know to look for to help me go from writing science fiction to publishing some day. Hopefully not too far off.

If nothing else it's always encouraging to be able to say, "Wow, she's having the same problem I do."

It all seems less hopeless and less lonely that way. I hope you don't mind me hanging around. I promise to make extra efforts at company manners.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

And yeah, Schadenfreude keeps me going too. ;-)

Nice top re-meet you, and you are very welcome
*knock knock* Mind if I come in? What with John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton both saying nice things about you recently I just had to come and read :)
Lovely to meet you! Come on in!
I made them! And you are welcome to share.

There's an lj community for fans of the show: muncle

Hi there. I'm pretty sure our paths have crossed in some other people's journals over the years, but I'm here right now because aquaeri suggested that you might remember how long a middle-aged guitar beginner should expect her fingers to hurt. (My teacher doesn't remember.)

A general introduction: Hi, I'm hobbitbabe. LJ is my main on-line hangout, although I also dabble in Facebook and Flickr and last.fm. I came to the internet about 15 years ago with USENET, mainly alt.polyamory. I live in Canada and my current or recent passions include writing, reading, listening to alternative rock music and playing guitar, quilting, playing ice hockey, and watching good television on DVD.

I started playing acoustic guitar about 18 months ago, and I had blood blisters for a good long time. I think it took at least a couple of months.
I only just realized that you do not have me listed as a friend. :(
Because I read your posts at the CM fanatic blog, rather than on livejournal. *g*

I don't do a "friends" list: I just have a bunch of reading lists.

just saying hello

I'm so glad I popped over from crimnalxminds. I haven't read any of your stuff, but I've definitely heard your name in sci-fi circles. I go to a conference in Florida every year - IAFA - and I might be going to the con in Calgary in the fall. Really nice to meet you online!

Re: just saying hello


Nice to meet you, too. *g* And thanks for stopping over.

Hail and Well Met (I hope)

I found you through a link on someone else's LJ because of the "presumptious cat" posts and am tickled to find out that you are also a writer. My shameful confession is that I have heard of you but have never (to the best of my knowledge) read your work. I hope to correct that someday.

I seem to be 'collecting' writers lately, which is wonderful from my perspective. I am, as I head into my sixth decade, attempting to write a story. I have no illusions about my chances or talent, but it is something that seems to entertain my friends. Reading the journals of writers is also teaching me about the craft.

I probably will not comment much, but I will enjoy reading your words - especially about the cats.

Re: Hail and Well Met (I hope)

Nice to meet you!

And I have absolutely no requirement that people read my stuff if they want to hang out here. That seems silly. *g*
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