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bear by san

March 2017



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Oh, my God.

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


oh god...

My husband is going to have a car-gasm when he sees this.
*dies laughing*

I swear.

Muscle car of my childhood.... down to the hood stripes...

Happy Birthday btw.
I told my husband. Yup. He had one.
Mine just did.
There was much repeating of "I want one"
My parents had a '70 Challenger.

With the Slant Six and a Torqueflite, no less, which totally made it a sheep in wolf's clothing. (Actually, it was not a front-heavy as some of the big-block versions, so the handling was not as pathetic as some of them....)

When my mother died, her Challenger became my first car. It would be karmically odd if the reincarnated Challenger turned out to be my Last Car, too.

(Oh - and Happy Birthday!)
thank you!

They make me oddly nostalgic...
Oh. My.

What is this feeling called desire?
You have seen the face of your destroyer.

Here, while you're in the freight elevator to Hell, have some of this sorbetto.
[Homer Simpson voice]


[/Homer Simpson voice]
Oh. My. It has a hemi V8.

*has Mopar Madness*
Hmmm and rumors of it being fitted with a 392 Hemi pushing 425-450hp...

I'll take 5.

*cringes, whimpers*

...don't get me wrong. I likes me a muscle car, although I'm not much on a Chevy.

But we had a '78 Chevy Vega which had once been that color, faded to a rusty pumpkin. We purchased it rather used in about 1984. We loathed that car. Loathed. Vega-table aka The Great Pumpkin is second only to the Third-World Rental Fiat in our annals of Really Bad Cars. But we were broke and desperately needed a second vehicle, so Dad drove that... thing. On the rare occasions when I was forced to ride in the back seat I was convinced that we would hit a bump and I would be killed by the back seat falling out of the bottom of the car.

On a more cheerful note, a friend of mine just ordered a yellow Mini and already has his shiny new custom license plates reading HASTUR. he is debating a racing stripe and Yellow Sign where the number would go.
Oh, I want one, I want one!!!!!!
Not bad, it even sort of looks like the real thing, but they'll never ever top the original -- too many safety requirements!

(Although I might change my mind when I see the yellow one!)

They only came in colors not found in nature.

Sunglasses. Really?
I question your judgment.