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previously, on Criminal Minds...

Yep. It's that time again. Only 23 of these posts to get through this season...

Very interesting getting an ep more or less from the POV of Gideon as he's having his second mental breakdown.

And in case you forgot what a trainwreck the end of last season was, here's a brief refresher.

Tonight, there will be no quotes.

Gideon writes a cryptic letter. "When my dearfriend Sara was murdered--" Oh, you mean, when you got her killed, Gideon?

Reid's hair has lost continuity. Alas! His resemblance to Illya Kuryakin increases by leaps and bounds.

Gideon, writing your not-a-suicide-note in your murder book is just tacky. Moleskine, the official notebook of Criminal Minds! Drink! Wow, Gideon's got a Mont Blanc on an FBI salary?

Mandy winces, drink.

Is it just me, or is that a different cabin?

"I thought I would work through it." Are you writing you, or writing Reid, man? Projection! Drink!


Meanwhile, in Arizona, we have unleashed the inflatable Suburbans. Drink. Hey, Em? Does that look like any part of Flagstaff you've ever seen? ;-)

(Pls do not notice the patrol car gliding through the background of the shot. La la la. Just a hedge. Please move along.)

Shot of that knife coming down, a little heavyhanded.

And roll credits, six minutes in.

Flashbulb memory! Drink! Gideon hyperventilates at crime scenes, drink.

CotW is a white male, drink.

"How did you let this happen?"

"That's nothelpful, Katie."
"Actually, it is." Reid, you rock. No love for teh authority figure shutting down discourse from him.

Morgan, your ink is showing.

"Losing your faith in happy endings is much worse." Heh. Oh, the irony. Oh, the meta. Oh, the snark.

And Reid in defense of the victim.
"Pepper spray, mace, switchblades." Foreshadowing. Drink.

Emily is love. And so is that jacket. Kick her to the curb, Em.

"You'll need as many men as you can on duty."

"Do you think it's premature?"
"Do we have a choice?"
I will miss Hotch and Gideon playing the question-game.

Ooo, Morgan knows what a spree killing is.

Mandy jazz hands.

Hey, no greenscreen this ep either. Did I wander into an episode of CSI accidentally? (I know. That's part of what got cut to make room for the frame.)

Prentiss has the clue! Look, a taser wound!

Garcia! Was KV on vacation this week? She's barely in the ep. Her hair also has now utterly lost continuity....god, she has fabulous glasses.

Do we drink when GIDEON kicks down a door?
Trophies! Drink!
And Prentiss in Kevlar. Somebody spoke to her about going on raids in the red/pink shirts: she's in Science Department blue now. PB would make a good Vulcan.

Look, creepy security guard! Unsub trying to talk to the victim... you know? I'm not sure they got the right guy. I know I'm not supposed to be sure. Heck, Gideon's not sure, in hindsight.

Hmm. That wasn't really a tackle, was it? Oh, drink anyway.

Gideon, don't let the suspect direct the conversation.

"Anyone who exhibits that much overkill is bound to explode." But he doesn't, does he? Because we don't know if he was the bad guy.
Trophies! Drink!

Now Gideon is playing the question game with the suspect. "Been under a lot of stress." Fifteen love!

Hey, Prentiss goes to help Reid, and he doesn't bite her. Are the girls following Reid because they don't trust him to go off alone, or because he always knows where the Starbucks is and they're short on sleep.

"I think, I think--"

Gawd, Spencer, you've had that sweater since you were twelve years old and in high school. haven't you?

"You can hold him for 72 hours without charging him." Heh. Yeah. Morgan knows all about that.

"You move around enough, you get used to be ing whoever people want you to be." And another character moment! That's two! They didn't all get cut to make room for the frame story.

Prentiss? really uncomfortable with the hugging. Alsmost as uncomfortable with the hugging as she is with the potential serial killer checking her out.
Also, I notice that Brunette Potential Victim #2 is wearing a shirt almost the same color and cut as Prentiss'.
And that Gideon uses Prentiss as an example for the UnSub. If he is the UnSub.

"A profiler cannot do the job if the mind is unfocused. If anything is going on in your personal life that could cloud your judgement."
Flashbulb memory, drink.
Reid and Gideon equated to one another, drink. (I'm pretty sure he's writing his not-a-suicide-note to Reid.)

Reid's sunglasses of justice.
Gideon's guilty memories and hyperventilating.

...holy crap. Gideon is wearing Reid's unlucky shirt. (Okay, it's not EXACTLY the unlucky shirt. But it's close.)


And Reid to JJ's rescue. Except she's not having any.

I note for those keeping score that his sleeves are rolled up past the elbows.

"I was a prosecutor. I can hold him off for days." Look, another character moment...
Oh, and there's Morgan with another character moment. "I've been on both sides of that." La, character contuinity, we can have some.

You know, I am thinking Tubbs may not have been the killer. Which is a nice job, really. I mean, I'm not overwhelmed with glee about this ep, but it's not bad. Average, for CM, and the frame story is quite good. Except "My dear friend Sara." Trust us to pick it up from context, guys. We woulda.

Spencer with the PSA for the week. "Most common examples are ones that people don't even think of as copycats. Kids who commit school shootings. Also teen suicides. They tend to come in clusters."  Dear America: We at the FBI would like you to know this important fact...

Self-injury girl!

"It's the right thing to do."
"Remind me the next time I have to tell someone their friend or daughter's been murdered."


And the RA turns out to be not so bad, maybe.... nice reversal there.

Gideon, drinkin' and ritin suicide notes and fondling his gun. Gideon, any time you have to ask if your judgement is clouded? It is.

See, there's the UnSub, not blowing up again when he finds his locker's been searched. That's right, UnSub, hide the porn and the booze from the psycho girl.

UnSub and Anna the Gothgirl playing the question game.

They do a good job with oblique dialogue on this show.

And I love the bit with Spencer and JJ double-teaming the witness, Jaje with the sympathy, Reid with the leading questions.

Prentiss and Morgan are a good team-up, too. Interesting how they've settled out in standard groupings.

Dude? This girl is not a Perky Goff.

Team members with their hands covered with blood, screaming for ambulances. DRINK!

"Was the world always this gray? Is it only in the movies that it's this black and white?" We here at Criminal Minds are terribly aware of our own meta.

"I used to understand my place, my direction, where I was headed."
Yeah, Gideon. Because you were deluded. And it's finally sunk in that you spent most of last season getting people killed.
And we don't blame you. You have a job involving making snap judgements and gambles, and if you gamble, you have to know you can lose. Ask Reid and Jaje. They'll 'splain.

"I never thought anyone would die." That's an ongoing problem, man.
"Look, I trusted the profile. At best it's just an educated guess."
Gideon thinks they got the wrong guy, too.

"He killed three women."
"Right. What if we were wrong?"
Well, Gideon, then your chickie killed an innocent man, and your killer went free to hunt again somewhere else.
How you feeling about that this afternoon? How's that taste?
Oh right, that's why the gun.

Oh, Doctor Strauss. Shut the hell up.

And Hotch takes responsibility for Gideon. Hotch turns in his badge.
"Always a pleasure."
Security guards and Associate Directors understand sarcasm.

"I'm so sorry."
Yeah, Mandy. Us too.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Gideon says all the wrong things to Reid again. It's a trend!

Okay, they have me guessing again. I was pretty sure they were going with the suicide. Now, since they've hinted so strongly in that direction-- I'm not sure anymore.

Yeah. I know. Misdirect as misdirect. *Insert Inigo Montoya joke here.*

I think the frame was actually better than the ep, which wasn't a **bad** ep, and might have been better with its characterization and flashy bits intact.

Okay, kids. Henry Blake, yes or no?
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