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i dropped thirty grand on the nugget slots. had to sell my ass on fremont street.

State of the Revision:

Page 66 of 657. 149,647 words. 9,647 words to cut.

447.9 miles to Lothlorien.

Yeah, I got nothing this morning. I'm blowing off the gym to do laundry and edit this book and take the P.C. to my Mom's place for the week, and to finish my VP reading, because it did not all get done last night.

So, thus, I give you interesting things to read elsewhere.

rezendi goes to San Quentin.

Also, via supergee, Stephen Fry on fame, fan entitlement, celebrity bad behavior, and a million other related things.

I think, as skzbrust once said to me, that SF writers have exactly the right amount of fame. I can always find somebody to talk to on the Internets, occasionally nice people send me email (Yes, I owe email. And I owe things sent to people. And I will do it after VP, because I SUCK.) and nobody ever recognizes me on the street. Or, I presume, masturbates to my author photo.

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