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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

The penis tattooing story is live!

"The Rest Of Your Life In A Day" at Jim Baen's Universe.

(First taste is free; after that subscription.)

And the workshop is over. Now it's just hanging around and making complicated jokes.

I get to go home tomorrow.


...and then you'll make your customary comprehensive Criminal Minds review?
When I get a chance to rewatch it, yeah.
Wow! That was great! I know where part of my birthday money is going this year!

And thanks for referencing Yngwie Malmsteen - that totally made my day! :-D


Poor Matthew. He has SUCH a rough life.
I'm really looking forward to reading about it. And I'm loving that you've got a human male in an urban fantasy story in a role other than "no-nonsense cop who stumbles into the supernatural happenings" or "power-hungry necromancer."
That's BORING....

The same guy is in an earlier Baen's Universe story, and the first two Promethean Age books.
That's BORING....

*nods* That's why I'd been sort of put off reading urban fantasy recently - the spread of extruded urban fantasy product.

The same guy is in an earlier Baen's Universe story, and the first two Promethean Age books.

Ohboyohboy! I guess this is what I miss by reading your LJ and never getting around to reading your books. Looks like I've got some catching up to do. Yay!

You have just won my complete affection for the rest of the day....
*bows* Why thank you, m'lady. One does one's best. ;-)
And I did a double-take because I just finished reading Whiskey and Water yesterday.
*g* A lot can happen in twenty years, huh?
Me too.

Don't be a stranger, right?

Ahh, good old Rotville High....
errrm, *blush* See my LJ entry about this ...
Hey! Glad I got it right.

You were exceedingly helpful.
:) my pleasure
If there were only the complicated jokes coming out of small-group experiences I would still go. Luckily for my work ethic, that's just an excellent bonus. I really liked having things relax the last few days.
It was great meeting you and getting so much guidance from the crew; I only wish I knew more people to send on over next time...

*g* This is what the internets are for!

It was awesome meeting you too. And you are TOTALLY NOT THE THING.
I so totally WAS the thing, though. For a long spell longer than most realized, I think--even picked my share of victims to Thingerize.
That last game was excellent.

Sometime I'd like to play Mafia with you and some of the others I never did see in lynchmob action.