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i search the place for your lost face, guess i'll have another round

The final pass proofs for Dust just landed.

They want them back Oct 15.

Did I mention the 7,485 words I still need to cut from Ink & Steel, and the final revisions for that and Hell & Earth (for which I do not yet have an edit letter) both due Nov 1, which functionally means Oct 30, due to the abovementioned convention?

I'm not even thinking of the two novellas I need to try to write before I start Chill.


The rock isn't going to cut it anymore. If anybody wants me, I'll be under this gun.

But right now, I'm going to walk down to the bank, and then come home and eat some oatmeal and do the long-put-off writeup post for CM 3x02, thank you for your patience.
Tags: a policeman's work is never done, do doodily do, so you want to be a writer, the glamour!, the writer at work

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