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Jed discovers the SF Wavelet Quiz, and raises some salient questions.

I actually think that the current "movement" in genre literature has yet to solidify and determine its identity, which is why there's all this waveleting all over the place.

What's going on now is not unlike the four or five years just before the New Wave really cohere-ed (actually, a lot of the things being written now, based on my slushpile, really are reminiscient of the New Wave. In a very good way: experimental, refusing to be bound by what's gone before or the arbitrary boundaries of subgenre.)

I think New Weird is as good a term as any, and probably the one that's going to subsume all the others, the boundaries being as fluid as they are. Although Genre Pirate has a certain wry charm, as well--and the benefit of being funnier. But I do, actually, sense a trend. I'm just not sure I can codify it.

Maybe it's Renboy SF. Homoneuroticism is the New Black, after all.


Wordcount this morning (technically last night, but after midnight): 1085, all of it smutty
Reason for stopping: Dude, it was 1:30 in the morning.
Reason for not starting again this morning: Still trying to figure out what happens next.

Oh, and nomail, again. Bleh. **whammies mailbox with mailbox voodoo**
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