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is it worse than you thought?

...plastic bertrand pepsi commercial nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Moleskine, the official notebook of Criminal Minds. They must get them in bulk.

travel magazines, incongruity, drink.
can't be arsed to have a mystery, drink.
trophies, drink.

Prentiss in red. And the seque from the UnSub's trophies to Gideon's trophies. Niiice.
Oh, Hotch with the picture, and he hides it. It's Jacks' handprints.

"How is everyone." Erin Strauss almost doesn't suck. Amazing.
"Is everything okay?" Refrain! (Are you allright?) Drink!
"We're here. He's not." Refrain! Drink...

Reid in short sleeves. Hey, I think that's another new tie. I think we can categorically say that there's no danger of the PTB sexing up Reid's wardrobe.
It's obviously high summer in BAU land.

Bwaaahahahaha. So, they vanished, leaving nothing behind but a few emails saying they needed time, "And the family bought that?"
"I guess the alternative is too hard to accept."
Anybody heard from Gideon lately? La la la

New open! Yay!

"Good thing you're handsome, Doctor."
Don't worry, Reid, it's not an auditory hallucination. It's just Garcia.
Another Internet-savvy UnSub. oooeeeooo.  And anther white male CotW...

(That is not a Boston accent.)

Hotch takes the stairs...
Six elevator-related deaths in a year! Reid, serious PTSD moment. And both kids yelp for Mom as soon as they get in trouble. Hotch! Hotch!
Okay, Reid and Morgan stuck in an elevator = best character moment evar.
Annnd Morgan cracks the case.

CotW equates to the vic. UnSub flashback. Oh, just chug.

Okay, LOTS of time with the UnSub this ep.
"Is it worse than you thought?"

JJ, this cute CotW is ALSO better than the sexist cop in Jones. Just saying. But I still like Cal McGee.

I wonder what the unsub would have done if one of the patients held it together.

The unsub's wife looks like Prentiss and acts like Haley, or like an exaggerated and terrible version of Haley.
Oh, unsub using intellectualization to try to teach his kid to deal with his own fears, which is the same phobia Reid has--scared of the dark. There's a Reid parallel too.

And Prentiss is now training the CotW.
Nice gloves, Morgan.
And Reid cracks the case!

"He left a letter explaining everything. Just like my dad did when he abandoned me and my mom."
"He addressed it to you."

Reid and Prentiss are wonderful. He's still not letting her take care of him. But the geek connection is back. "Are you okay?" And he, of course, ducks the question until she turns it to Gideon. "Oh yeah, I'm great."

"It's addressed to me but I'm not the only one he abandoned."

Oh, this conversation is so backstory on both of them, not just Reid. More hints about Prentiss, yay!
Where's your dad, Emily? Is he alive? Did he leave you a letter?

"I have an eidetic memory, Emily." Yeah, Reid remembers every word of both those letters.

Emily is totally projecting. "He gave you ten years before he left, and yet you've erased all those memories."
Interesting that she knows that. They must have talked about this before.
And interesting that the guy with the perfect memory represses his trauma.

Somebody left her a letter. And she remembers every word of it, too. Because she read it that many times.
And that letter is all she remembers about that person.

(Subtext: They left you those letters, Reid, because they knew they were cowardly and weak and they felt bad about screwing you over.)

Yep, and he will talk to her about Gideon. And his dad, and all that trauma, in detail.
But Gideon leaving is not the first thing he thinks of. Tobias is. And that he won't admit to. In fact, he's grateful for the redirect to a fresher wound. He will not admit he's not okay.

Hello, addictive personality.

I suspect he kept biting her head off to keep her at a distance. Because he will talk to her, and he knows it.

People are sometimes answering The Question* in a new way. They're either Not Answering, or they're admitting what's wrong.

The "Yeah, I'm fine" is gone. I think it's all of them getting to the poin where they have seen what happens when you are "fine" too long. Object lesson, because they all start to do the reflexive thing, and then they back off and say something else--either a diversion, a delaying tactic... or an admission. I mean, Reid just told Em about his Dad. That's huge.

Reid stuffs his face. Drink!
And Prentiss spots a tellind detail. *g*
Oh look, more bodies. Morgan with the OMGWF face this week.

Morgan and Garcia are loooove.
Hey, how come Morgan's getting picked on when he got panicky-aggressive and Reid got panicky-scared?

"You're in complete control." Ahem, see above, "I'm fine."

Okay, he dropped her down an ELEVATOR SHAFT? Aiee. Buried alive? We've been there too. Or, close enough for, er, gummint work.

Bedwetting! Homicidal triad! Drink!

It's totally a Prentiss and Reid ep. So what are they scared of?
Reid is scared of the dark, and losing people. And serial killers, but hey, that's recent operant conditioning and I can't blame him.
Prentiss is scared of... losing control? Not being able to keep her distance? Not being able to compartmentalize.

Reid is a grownup Reid now. He says "no" to cops calmly and explains why.
Repetition on the kids and impotence.
And Garcia, with a little magic, cracks the case.
And Hotch is always the one asking about abuse.

JJ and Prentiss team up!
PSA. "Never open the door unless you know who it is!"
The shattered family. Drink.

Oh, that's not actually a Moleskine. It is another similar notebook. *g*

"He's not gonna go quietly."

Hotch, we need to talk about your new hairdo. What is it with this show and trauma hair?

"I think your greatest fear is that you can't save everyone."
"It is worse than I thought."

"Is there a basement in this building?"

"What's the matter with you, Hotch."
It's a win. And Big Bro takes Mom aside for a word. Hey man, you don't have to do it alone.
Morgan learned! He gave good listening! Wooo!
That's like three times now. *g*

And Garcia with her online survivor book. Taking up the torch. Yes ma'am.
Heh. Figure the odds Reid plays chess again.

Where is mah splashy greenscreen? Okay, we got flashbacks. But still.

And OMG I think I'm right about next ep. Eeee.

*"Are you okay?" The canonical answer is "I'm fine."

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