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As promised, the cast list for INK & STEEL

Principal Players in Ink & Steel, combined with a selection of historical and literary figures as may be convenient to the reader.

Alleyn, Edward: (Ned) A player. Principal Tragedian of the Lord Admiral's Men
Amaranth: A lamia
Arthur: A King of Britain. Mostly dead.

Baines, Richard: An intelligencer and Promethean
Bassano Lanier, Aemilia: England's first professional woman poet. Mistress of Henry Carey. Sadly, not appearing in this book because I did not have room for her.
Bassano, Augustine: Court musician to Elizabeth, Venetian Jew, father to Aemilia, and intimate of Roderigo Lopez. Also not appearing in this volume, but I promise you, he and Aemilia and Roderigo and Alfonso had many interesting adventures that Will never found out about. Someday I will write the Jews Of Elizabeth's Court book and you can read all about it.
Bradley, William: stabbed by Thomas Watson in Bankside. Dead.
Brahe, Tycho: an Astronomer
Burbage, Cuthbert: Brother to Richard Burbage
Burbage, James: Father to Richard Burbage. Owner of the Theatre in Bankside
Burbage, Richard: A player. A Promethean. Principal Tragedian of Lord Strange's Men, the Lord Chamberlain's Men, and the King's Men. Eventual Shareholder at the Globe.
Burghley, Baron: (William Cecil) Lord Treasurer. A Promethean. Member of the Privy Council. Father to Robert Cecil.
Burghley, Baron: (Robert Cecil) Secretary of State. A Promethean. Member of the Privy Council.

Cairbre: a bard, the Master Harper of the Daoine Sidhe
Cecil, Anne: Wife to Edward de Vere, daughter to William Cecil, sister to Robert Cecil
Catesby, Robert: A Catholic recusant
Chapman, George: a playmaker and poet
Coquo, Oratio: Edward de Vere's catamite, a former choirboy. I am not making that up.

Davenant, Jenet Shepherd and John: Innkeepers along the road to Stratford
Dee, Doctor John: An astrologer
Drake, Sir Francis: A privateer

Ede, Richard: A keeper at the Marshalsea prison
Edward: A player. A member of the company of Lord Strange's Men
Essex, Earl Of: (Robert Devereax): A Promethean

Faustus: a Scholar
Fawkes, Guido: A Catholic recusant
Findabair: a princess of Faerie. Dead.
Fletcher, John: A vile playmaker.
Foreman, Simon: A physician of sorts
Frazier, Ingrim: A servant to Thomas Walsingham

Ganymede: Jove's cupbearer. Euphemistically speaking, a term for a catamite.
A gardener.
Gardner, William: Justice of the Peace for Southwark
Gaveston, Sir Piers: leman to Edward II, formerly King of England
Geoffrey: A Faerie, with the head of a stag.

Henslowe, Philip: Owner of the Swan Theatre
Holinshed: An historian, of sorts.
Hunsdon, Lord: (Henry Carey) Lord Chamberlain. A Promethean. Member of the Privy Council. Father to George Carey.
Hunsdon, Lord: (George Carey) Lord Chamberlain. A Promethean. Member of the Privy Council.

John: A carriageman
Jonson, Ben: A vile playmaker, son of a bricklayer, educated at Westminster. Formerly a soldier in the low countries.

Kemp, Will: A player. Clown for the Lord Chamberlain's Men
Kyd, Thomas: A vile playmaker.

Langley, Francis: a moneylender.
Lanier, Alfonso: a court musician, and husband to Aemilia Bassano. Sadly, also not appearing in this volume
Lavinia: A victim of rape and dismemberment in Titus Andronicus
Lopez, Doctor Roderigo: A Promethean. Queen's Physician and Ambassador from Antonio, pretender to the throne of Portugal. Of Jewish descent.
Lucifer Morningstar: An Angel, once, and most dearly loved of God. Gave Ned Alleyn rather a bad turn, on one occasion.

A mare
Marley, Christofer: (Kit; Christopher Marlowe; Sir Christofer) A Promethean. The dead shepherd. A playmaker and intelligencer. Dead (to begin with.)
Marley, John: father to Christofer Marley, a Master Cobbler of Canterbury
Marley, Tom: brother to Christofer Marley
Mathews, Mistress: Landlord of the Groaning Sergeant
Mebd, the: A Queen of Faerie
Mehiel: an angel of the Lord
Mephostophilis: a demon of Hell.
Merlin: A legendary bard
Morgan le Fey: The half-sister to Arthur, King of England. The Queen of Air and Darkness. And, formerly, Cornwall and/or Gore
Murchaud: Morgan's son, a Prince of Faerie.

Nashe, John: A vile playmaker
Northampton, Earl of: A friend to Sir Walter Raleigh
Nottingham, Earl of; The Lord Admiral, a patron of players.

Orpheus: A legendary musician who sought to rescue his love from Hell
Oxford, 17th Earl of (Edward De Vere): A Promethean, alleging himself a poet.

Plantagenet, Edward: (Edward II of England) A historic king, the title character of Edward II by Christopher Marlowe
Peaseblossom: a Faerie
De Parma, Fray Xalbadore: A Promethean. An Inquisitor.
Poley, Mary: Sister to Thomas Watson, estranged wife to Robert Poley, mother of Robin Poley.
Poley, Robin: Son of Mary Poley.
Poley, Robert: A Promethean. A moneylender and intelligencer. Eventually, a Yeoman Warder of the Tower.

Raleigh, Sir Walter: a sea captain, sympathetic to the Prometheans
A lame raven
Robin Goodfellow (Puck): A Faerie.
Rosalind, also Ganymede: The heroine of As You Like It

Shakespeare, Anne: (Annie) Wife to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Edmund: Brother to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Gilbert: Brother to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Hamnet: Son to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Joan: Sister to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, John: Father to William Shakespeare. A glover of Stratford-upon-Avon
Shakespeare, Judith: Daughter to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Mary: Mother to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Richard: Brother to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, Susanna: Daughter to William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare, William: A player and a vile playmaker. Principal player of Lord Strange's Men, the Lord Chamberlain's Men, and the King's Men. Eventual Shareholder at the Globe.
Sidney, Sir Philip: A respected poet. Husband to Frances Walsingham. Dead.
Skeres, Nicholas: An intelligencer
Sly, Will: A principal player with the Lord Chamberlain's Men
A sorrel gelding
Southampton, Earl Of: (Henry Wriothesly) Patron to William Shakespeare, Promethean
Spencer, Gabriel: a player
Spenser, Edmund: a respected poet
Strange, Lord: (Ferdinando Stanley) A Promethean, and patron to players
Stuart, James: (James VI, James I): King of Scotland and eventually England.
Stuart, Mary: (Mary, Queen of Scots) Mother to James VI of Scotland. Dead.
Stubbs, Philip: A Puritan, dismembered for treasonous writings

Taliesin: A legendary bard
Tam Lin: A legendary nobleman kidnapped by Faeries
Thomas the Rhymer: A legendary bard
Tilney, Edmund: The Master of Revels (the Queen's Censor.)
Topcliffe: The Queen's torturer
Tresham, Francis: A Catholic recusant
A troll
Tudor, Elizabeth: (Elizabeth I, Bess, Gloriana): The Queen of England, or perhaps Pretender to its throne.
Tudor, Henry: (Henry VIII of England, Great Harry)

Wade, William: the Queen's other torturer, clerk of the Privy Council
Walsingham, Etheldreda (Audrey): Wife to Thomas
Walsingham, Frances: (Frances Sidney, Frances Devereax): Daughter to Sir Francis
Walsingham, Sir Francis: A Promethean. Spymaster to the Queen. Formerly, her Secretary of State
Walsingham, Thomas: Cousin to Sir Francis, Patron to Christofer Marley
Watson, Thomas: a poet and intelligencer. A Promethean. Dead.

Divers demons, ifriti, faeries, prentices, goodwives, publicans, recusants, damned souls etc as required.

There's something to be said for being able to write "Sir Not Appearing In This Novel" entries in one's cast list.
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