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link salad, me-nivorous version*

Kate Elliott with Advice for First-Time Novelists. What she said.

The trade paperback edition of New Amsterdam is available for pre-order at Subterranean Press. It's one of the first two books released under their new Far Territories trade paperback imprint. (The other is Tad William's Rite.)

Also, conga-rats (high-kicking ones!) to hal_duncan, 2007 Gaylactic Spectrum Award winner for his kaleidoscopic madhouse of a novel, Vellum. I note this not without a certain amount of self-interest, as Carnival was short-listed for the award, something I just learned. As were excellent books by many writers I like, including ellen_kushner, jhetley, truepenny, Tanya Huff, Chris Moriarty, etc.

...and now, time to eat something, get dressed, and go hit the gym before I start the Bataan Death-march grovel through the final pass pages for Dust.


Thank God there's lunch with elfshot tomorrow, and Peter Mulvey at the Iron Horse Sunday night, and the gym with ashacat and a long-belayed trip to my massage therapist on Monday, and hiking on Tuesday.** ("The days are just packed!")

It's just ceaseless work between those good things, is all.

(Although I was bad and stayed up all night Tuesday watching the DVD commentaries for the s2 Criminal Minds DVD release. Which just about bathed me in unalloyed happiness. Conscious art, and art that's aware of its own meta and implications, makes me so. damned. happy. Especially when it kicks me in the squids like this stuff does.)

*"I don't care if it's carnivorous. I care if it's ME-nivorous!"
**Just like in the Jimmy Buffett song. Except not at all.
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