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bear by san

March 2017



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Favorite tool name evar:

Hooligan Tool.


The Hartford Fire Dept. has a series of internally produced training videos. In amongst videos on dealing with obstetric emergencies, airway maintenance, and blood-born pathogens are:

Forcible Entry I
Forcible Entry II
Forcible Entry III

The titles make me think that they must be some really nasty pornos. But no, they're all about using a Halligan tool to pry, pop, puncture, and otherwise penetrate all kinds of doors, be they locked, stuck, or just-plain-jammed.
Why? Bastardizations are what the language is about.
That's why people call it that.

Also, because that's what you use the tool for.
I'm partial to the Stanley FuBar, myself.

(Namewise, that is. I don't have a practical need for a demolition tool of any kind, so having one would just be unnecessary temptation...)
Hooligan Tool.

There is a children's book called The Great Green Turkey Creek Monster, featuring the Hooligan Vine, which is sort of like trickster kudzu. I haven't read it in at least fifteen years, but when I was in elementary school, the Hooligan Vine captured my heart.
I have a friend whose username is Hooligan. I love this quote from a different site: The Paratech Kelly Tool is an excellent tool for anyone who wants a hooligan tool without the protruding spike. I can't wait to pass that on to Hoo's girlfriend. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But the protruding spike is what makes it fun!
There's always the classic Snap-On Tools.
I've worked with a few of those, and maybe dated one....
Firefighters always have the coolest engines of destruction.
Firefighters really do.

Rescue equipment is AWESOME.
I rather like that it has "Machine sharpened claws"
*g* I was checking the morphology of fireman's door-opening devices for a story.