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we are the angry mob. we read the papers everyday.

Ssince I've corrupted about a third of my friends-list by now... Kirsten Vangsness, still my favorite actress, has updated her Criminal Minds blog. 

And for the vast majority of you who are supportive of such endeavors, she's used the opportunity to introduce her girlfriend, at least in passing, in belated observation (she says) of National Coming Out Day.

Go, KV. You totally rock my variegated socks. I could not adore you more, and the lurkers support you in email all over the blogosphere, lady.

I'm personally pleased as punch that she's gone ahead and done same on the official CBS website, because that continues to make me happy about supporting this weird little nuanced oddly feminist and humanist and humane cop show/under-the-radar urban fantasy.** Especially as CBS is home to some programs that I find politically utterly reprehensible. (NCIS: aka 24 with running gags and bigger plot holes and the Inevitable Queer Murderer three seasons running.)

It's good to star on a top ten show. (And apparently, there are still enough people in the world willing to watch unrelenting smart television to build a top ten show, given a couple of seasons to find it, which does my little heart good.)

(Garcia, OTOH, still heterosexual, as far as any evidence indicates.* Thus, the icon. My fantasy/reality separation still works! *g*)

*Jury's still out on Prentiss, though. ;-)
**As executive-produced by an ex-Chicago-cop self-confessed to have been caught reading The Mists of Avalon in his squad car.
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