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the one they came to bury was not very heavy

Second draft of "Knock On Coffins" complete at a little under 17K.

It works this time.

Suddenly, I can write novellas. I never could do that before. It's new since 2006.

Also, got a ton of fiddly prepub stuff I needed to do for DUST finished. Amazing what I can accomplish when I have an actual whole day to do it in.

Next week, I need to have less social life and fewer chores, and actually be like an employed* persion.

Hmm. If I can write this week, maybe I need to look at "King Pole" tomorrow and see if I can fix that. Since an editor just emailed me about it, ahem.

Oh, god. Look at all this email.

Bah. Monday.

*not-so-Freudian slip: "empolyed."
Tags: the writer at work, wtf

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