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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

And via mandolinjen, a vocabulary test for rice-donation site.

Very cool. Learn words, fight hunger.


oh cool. And weirdly addictive. (And I knew all that T.H. White was going to come in handy someday -- the compiler seems to have had a slight medieval bias, no?)
*g* Words that are technically English but out of common usage.

Although, having had a sample of what it considers hard words, I now understand why my editors squirm when I use words like "anent" and "contumely."

Which, you know. I consider common English words...
That was unspeakably addictive.

I got up to seven hundred and fifty grains of rice before I hit "gosport," which for the purposes of this site was defined as "speaking tube." I mistakenly guessed it meant "goof." Awesome.
I know. It's just crazy fun *g*

I managed to hit level fifty but could not stay there.
That's unbelievably addictive. Good thing I've already fed the kids for tonight, for now I feed... the world!
I donated some rice (quite a bit, a lot more than I thought I would...at level 50 --- which was starting to piss me off)...and now I want Chinese Take-out. FEED ME!
mmm. rice.
Fly lice!

Actually, I prefer basmati. Mmmmm basssssmaaaaati :D
I got up to 52 at one point and then backslid to 49 on average. Way too much fun. I shall have to bookmark it. I agree with the above commenter about the medieval bias--my SCA experience came in handy.
Damn. Getting a 404-not-found error on the link...
It was working just a moment ago. I reached 50, after a bit of wobbling around at level 48 and 49, but then had to stop 'cos my brain was starting to hurt. :)
Yup. It's back; thanks for the heads-up. And curse you, matociquala! A way to hoover the cat and make me feel good twice over! I have donated rices and reached level 50 and am stopping now, because I have a book to write...!

(Well, pausing now...)
Does it go on indefinetly? I missed words, but it kept going. I stopped around 680 because my hand was getting tired. My score bounced around 46-49.
It appears to be bottomless, yeah. I got up to 1170 before work called. *g*
Nice. This is WAY too habit-forming. ;)

I stole it and put it in my LJ too, BTW.
Totally addictive. I made it up to 50 once, but averaged more like 44. Fantasy novels seem to be good training for this game - that and strange science words.
But I didn't see gruntle, which is my favorite weird word.